A Loving Heart Knows No Boundaries

It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air. Perhaps for some, it is a time for reconciliation; for others, a time to find that special person. The strange thing about February 14th is that most will do extraordinary things to win someone’s heart. Flowers and chocolates are ridiculously priced while jewelry always makes a flashy appearance. Special gestures make for memories that will last a lifetime. At the core is our innate desire to “be loved” and this is accomplished by giving love in the hopes of a reciprocal response.

Yet for those who have lost their spouse along the way, this day of love can sometimes be a struggle especially after many years of marriage. The man who adorns his wife with those private gifts that only he has the special privilege of providing yet there comes a day when he cannot provide it for her anymore as she is no longer with him. The memories of past Valentines are fun to reminisce beginning with that very first one in which neither had much money to spend but lots of love to give. It’s an emotion that transcends any materialistic gift for that is the treasured memory which can never be taken away.

For those who have lost their treasured partner and anticipate being hurt this Valentine’s Day, I hope that you will find new love that will become an additional treasured memory for the present and future years to come but you have to allow it to happen in your heart. I have learned that the heart has the expansive capacity to love more than one person and to give love freely to others as well. To love another treasured partner will not erase the memories of your first love. The abandonment will only occur if you allow it to absorb your heart.

Choose to live and love freely this Valentine’s Day because your heart will be able to handle a new love! After all, you have already accomplished this many years ago when you replaced your love of being single by opening your heart to your first love – do you remember how you felt? Your heart has always had the capacity to love more than one person. You can experience that same joy once again. The only one stopping you is… YOU!

So I hope you will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year, honor your memories, and choose to make new ones. Determining to live your life one day at a time is a gift you can give to yourself – no one can ever take that away from you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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