The Pen

I was rummaging through my drawer looking for a pen to use for a quick note. My usual writing tools were somehow hidden from me so I grabbed this large-grip pen instead. It was nothing fancy and the purple color seemed to draw my attention toward its availability.

My thumb pressed the large knob and with a click, the stem appeared on the opposite end, ready to obey my every hand movement. The pen’s name was “eGrip” and it certainly lived up to its bestowed model name.

The short use of this pen caused my mind to wander. Was this my favorite pen from the past? No – in fact, I don’t recall where it was purchased. Certainly, it was not obtained from any of the vendor booths I had visited in my earlier career. Besides, I would not have chosen this particular color but something about this pen gave me comfort.

When I had finished my use of this purple instrument, I stared at it for a while. Suddenly, my memory bank opened and I recalled where I had last seen its use. She loved to collect special pens (especially the ones from my business trips) while others were simply purchased for its practicality. This pen was one of her favorite writing tools because of the extra-large grip. Her hands were small and she loved writing letters so the use of this particular pen served her well.

I never know “when” a memory will unlock a special emotion because although I had placed this pen in the drawer during my relocation to this new home, no special memories were recalled at that time. The human brain is rather unpredictable.

It was as if, through the pen, she was saying “hi” to me though intuitively, I knew it was only a symbol of her memory. Nevertheless, it was very nice to be reminded of her smile and love of pens.

I carefully placed the royal-colored writing instrument back in the drawer and smiled as I took another look at its grip.

Just a regular pen …… but the memories will flow from it another day when I least expect it.

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