The Circle of Life

No, I don’t mean The Lion King!

Many years ago, I set some personal life goals. One of those was to be married by age twenty-five. Why? No particular reason except to simply set a “goal” to aim at. The good Lord blessed me with a wonderful woman who  became my wife two months before my twenty-sixth birthday. Although it was close, I accomplished this goal nevertheless. In fact, even if I had missed this goal, no one would have known (or cared) but it was fun to achieve it without pressuring anyone else.

Nearly thirty years later, the magic was about to happen all over again (Disclaimer: my legacy was not the catalyst for this occurrence). My son, who will turn twenty-five in a couple of months, proposed to his girlfriend the other night – she said “YES“! They have already made plans to be married within the next year. If all goes well, he will be married before he turns twenty-six (just like his old man).

We met for lunch and discussed grown-up things like the differences in dwelling units, life insurance, family plans, etc. It was one of those father-son conversations where I was given the privilege to impart some wisdom for his future. It was a bittersweet feeling as I looked at this young protegé across the table. My mind raced back through the years as I realized how far I have come and now, history will repeat itself in a miraculous way. How fast the years have passed as it seemed like it was only a few years ago that he was a bouncing baby needing our full attention. If felt like an out-of-body experience as I gazed at this young man who was extremely excited that the love of his life will be his wife very soon. His new life was about to begin and he has no clue of the good and bad times that await them both.

I don’t believe that the proverbial “crystal ball” is needed in life. You simply have to relish each living moment just as it was intended to be experienced – ONE moment at a time! No one could have predicted my outcome in life any more than they could their own. It is my belief that the only way to be successful in life is to live in the moment and cherish those memories when they have passed.  Why would anyone want to see into the future AND miss all the little stops along the highway of life? Those stops are the very events that molds us into the person we will become one day. Just as one cannot open a cocoon to “pull out” the butterfly or to pull up on the green stalks and expect a plant to suddenly appear, one cannot rush through a relationship – it simply has to grow at its own pace.

Do you have a favorite “Circle of Life” story from your past? I’d love to hear about it in this post.

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