In The Periphery…

Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

It is strange that some answers or inspirations constantly appear before us yet our busy minds seem to push those signs into the background of our landscape. The periphery of our lives contain many wise thoughts yet one has to slow down to absorb the messages for our present circumstances. Such was the case for me this week as I finally noticed the red magnet on the whiteboard in my office which highlights Joshua 1:9 and the phrase -“Be Strong and Courageous!

As I embark on my new journey of sharing my story with audiences who are searching for hope, the uncertainties that lie before me evokes mixed emotions. I am thankful that I have survived my life tragedies but understand that inevitably, more will come. My story, though unique to some, may help others with their own struggles. Survival always comes with a price but often, that cost becomes the impediment to moving on for others.

In the Bible, God instructed and encouraged Joshua to be of good courage and not be afraid or dismayed. The Lord is always in the periphery of our lives. He is always present and protects us as a loving Father would do. If we truly believe this, then why do we worry so much about our lives? Human nature tends to want to control everything and if it does not go according to “our” plans, we call it a struggle.

I have a thought – just as God is truly the one in control of everything in our lives, why not let Him take the reins and we simply enjoy the ride?  After all, there is no place that one can hide from God and since He loves us and wants the best for us (no matter if we understand His bigger plan or not), why not get out of His way and let Him accomplish the results that was meant for us? I believe the answer is simple – WE want to be in control of everything!

My journey began with my book, “Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer“, and many have shared their thoughts and inspirations with me. As I prepare for my next speaking engagement in Ukiah, California on April 11th, I only need to be God’s instrument of peace and hope as I trust that His message, not mine, will encourage the attendees in their search for survival in whatever circumstances they are facing.

Though my initial struggles were inwardly focused, I am thankful that I have an opportunity to be outwardly focused in helping others with my story. My journey did not end when my tragedies ended – it only continued as a part of God’s bigger plan and I am so honored to be a part of it!

I simply awoke to my periphery!

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