Free Radicals…

Recently, I gave a (brief) speech about health & wellness at my local business networking group. In particular, I wanted to explain what a “free radical” is and how it is damaging to our health. We all have free radicals in our bodies and these are introduced through the environment around us. After my speech, I began to ponder this quick lesson and soon, a parallelism began to form.

To begin, one must first understand what a free radical is and how to defeat it. In its simplest form, a free radical is a damaged molecule (bonded atoms) that has a need for one more electron in its outer orbit. To find this missing electron, it will attach itself to a healthy molecule from another cell and “steal” their electron. The transaction time is fast and soon, the once-healthy molecule is now damaged as well. This propagates throughout one’s body and if not treated with additional antioxidant supplements, the body is soon overwhelmed by these free radicals. This leads to degenerative diseases and other issues attributed to the natural aging process. It was interesting to learn that exercise of any form will automatically create free radicals (we just like to call it the “burn”). This is why your fitness trainer always encourages you to eat healthy meals after a workout including the power drinks and such.

Antioxidants boot your immune system and they have free electrons to “give away”. Our bodies naturally produce “some” antioxidants but unless you get away from your environment (impossible) and eat a ton of antioxidant-rich foods, you cannot produce enough to combat these free radicals. The sole purpose of the antioxidant is to seek out those free radicals and give away their electrons to protect the healthy cells in your body. The beauty is that the antioxidants do not become damaged when they give away their electrons! They are like the “terminator” of free radicals!

So what does that have to do with living life and moving on?  This is where the analogy was formed in my mind. See if you can follow along with me.

Our lives are constantly bombarded with situations that, at many times, are not within our control (environment). We try to remain positive about life (self-producing antioxidants in our bodies) yet we cannot control when an unfavorable situation will occur (the free radical stealing our electrons or “joys in life”). Eventually, if we do not change our circumstances, our woes become our new life and we slowly wither away (degenerative disease).

However, when we infuse positive energy and joy into our lives (antioxidants from supplements or specific foods), we not only improve our life’s health but those new positive energies will eventually minimize those woes (just like the antioxidant’s job is to seek out the free radicals and destroy them).

The end result is a healthier person because we have surrounded ourselves with positive energy, thoughts, and personal resolve that will create a new norm for our lives. In other words, we have chosen to move on and live a healthy and productive life! It is a choice – your choice!

We are inspired by those who, in spite of their circumstances, have made a decision to overcome their obstacles in life. They have a “can-do” attitude and the fortitude to survive; thus they have chosen to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of despair.

There are many stories of survival and we all love happy endings but we quickly forget that there was a journey that had to be traveled in order to arrive at the final outcome which became the inspiration for the rest of us. Our battles are different but one thing is common – we all want to survive and make a better life for ourselves.

I have made the same choice in life – have you?

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