What Does A Bunny Have To Do With Easter?

This question came from my wise eleven-year old nephew at Easter dinner on Sunday. He is a smart young boy who asks great questions. I simply love how the mind of an innocent child works because it brings us all back to the basics of everything (and the truth).

In fact, he went on with another question (or rather, a statement of fact really). He stated, with authority, that rabbits DO NOT LAY EGGS!

He knows the story of Jesus Christ dying on the old rugged cross for sinners such as ALL of us. Our pastor raised a very good point at service as well. He stated that of all the spiritual leaders that mankind has ever put their trust in, Jesus Christ was the ONLY one who resurrected from his grave – period. They found the shroud and the empty tomb and Jesus reappeared to his disciples to show them the nail-pierced hands (especially to Thomas, the doubting one). Many still either choose not to believe in Jesus, attempt to disprove His existence, or continue to state that he was a “great teacher”. However, how is it possible that such a “man” could resurrect himself from the dead and reappear to His disciples and even today, His presence is found everywhere you look?

The commercialization of these holidays is rather boring and superficial. The merchants love it and will capitalize on anything the public wants to believe in. Yet denying the truth doesn’t make that truth go away – it is still the truth!

My nephew understands what Easter really means and I am so happy that he is not caught up in chocolate bunnies, painted eggs, candies, etc. Don’t get me wrong – he still loves candy but he now understands what this Easter holiday is really all about – the truth that Jesus died for all of our sins and came back just as He had promised.

I will be speaking to an audience this coming Saturday and I am so grateful that not only do I believe in the truth as evidenced by my many stories of faith but that I do not have to “make up” any lies that will only create the web of confusion for everyone. Stating the truth is easy.

Jesus lives but only when we believe and ask Him into our hearts will we be transformed into a new person.

I hope you celebrated Easter for the right reason and purpose.  He is risen indeed!

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