Taking My Wrist For Granted….

One never realizes how intricately made we are – God is such a mastermind!

The other day, I enjoyed a wonderful round of golf with a good friend. Unfortunately, at the last hole, I somehow injured my wrist (probably when I hit the hard surface they call a fairway).

I only felt a little twinge initially but by the evening, I could feel the full effects of the injury. After icing the right-wrist, I fell asleep and woke up the next day with a slightly less injured wrist.

However, the impact was interesting. 

To do the most simple things such as carrying a butter dish with my right hand was a bit awkward. Then I had to fix something in my car that required me to rotate my right wrist (ouch). Other little things that I take for granted are now a painful reminder of how delicate our muscles are but more importantly, how the smallest muscles are needed at the right moments in our lives. It blows my mind to think that God has a grand master plan for EACH of our lives and we are all made differently but in the sight of God himself.

When I reflect upon this simple lesson, it reminds me that it is not the big accomplishments that need to be acknowledged and rewarded. After all, when was the last time you received a “prize” for doing the small things in life? Everyone applauds the pinnacle of a successful moment in one’s life but people tend to forget ALL the small steps it took to reach that apex of hard work and dedication.

In my health & wellness business, I realize that the smallest tasks set the groundwork for the foundation upon which that successful moment will stand one day. I must admit that there are times when I feel discouraged with the small things because they have yet to yield what I am aiming for but the lesson this week (for me) has been to appreciate these small accomplishments in life as they will lead to bigger and better things to come.

We applaud a baby’s first steps but we forget the small motions that began months before in order to achieve this goal. The rolling around in the crib, the pushing of the arms to build strength (to stand up when they fall), and even their eyes as they watch in amazement how mom and dad can walk and run so perfectly. They aspire to reach that pinnacle of success in their young lives and that will only happen with the small motions that eventually will propel them into a lean, mean, walking machine!

As I begin the plans to write my next book, I am reminded that the accomplishment will be the publication of that new book. In the meantime, I must remain on-task with the little things such as planning the chapters, setting the vision for the book’s outcome, and finally, to simply begin to “write” my thoughts. Sure, the editing and marketing will come later on but for now, it will be the small things that will set the stage for the next book launch.

If you have not read my current book, I would encourage you to do so as my next book will be the sequel to the story. I am more excited about the opportunities to share my adventure with others and to help those in need of hope in their lives.

For now, I will nurse my injured wrist so that I can become fully functional to accomplish the bigger tasks that lay before me. Overcoming obstacles to move towards a bigger purpose in life is what we all should be striving for – don’t you agree?

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