“Quiet On The Set!”

What a privilege to step back onto the TV set with Barb Marshall today (see photos for Barb Marshall Interview dated April 27, 2015). Her ministry is aimed towards those who are seeking hope in the midst of their struggles. After my first interview with her in October 2014, she promised to schedule a follow-up interview once I had my book published. Well, she delivered on her promise and I appreciated it very much!

It was very exciting to hear her introduce me as a “published author and speaker”! My journey has only begun and I am so grateful that God had put us together by design at the last Christian Writers Conference.

How we met is an interesting story…

It was the first night of the conference and I was sitting at one of the back tables. A couple came in late and sat next to me during our worship set. At the break, I introduced myself to Barb and her husband, Ken. She asked what book I was writing and when I informed her of the story line, her eyes lit up with excitement.

Barb informed me that her television ministry reaches across the U.S. and has nearly two-million viewers to-date. In fact, she explained that she had an open TV interview spot for the following Friday and asked if I would be interested in sharing my story with her viewers. She was not aware that only a week earlier, my editor told me that I needed to begin plans on marketing my book. Does God answer prayers fast? I would say that He answers in His time which could be fast, slow, or “just wait”.

Today’s taping was exciting because she delved further into my life and how God had pulled me through a lot of struggles as long as I was willing to lean on Him alone. It was not only my honor to share my story (again) but Barb informed me that she had signed a contract that will air her shows nationwide on a much larger network than ever before.

Please understand – this is not about me!

No, in fact, it is about my courage to live on and be willing to be used by God as an instrument of peace to help others with their search for hope. In fact, one of her spontaneous interview questions was how I felt towards God about my losses in life – I believe that the Holy Spirit was speaking in me to share with her that rather than being angry at God, I channeled my energy into seeking “how” to help others with my story instead.

God used the cancer battle to reach out to my mother-in-law as she prayed (with my late wife) for her own salvation. In spite of over twenty-five years of trying to reach out to her, the Lord chose the cancer battle to be the catalyst for her salvation. Though tragic when you think about it, an alternate way to view that situation was that God turned something bad into His good.

As the half-hour interview flashed by in one take, I was more excited about the hope it would bring to others who will watch the interview whenever it is scheduled. For me, I was merely the instrument for God to reach out to others through my story – God alone gets ALL the credit, glory, and praise!

So, “quiet on the set” because God is about to do something BIG and exciting!

As for me, I am privileged and honored to be a witness to His great plan!!!

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