Lost My Wallet (part 1 of 2)

The annual convention for The Wellness Company had arrived at last! Excitement filled the air as marketing executives from around the world descended upon Salt Lake City, Utah this particular weekend. The Salt Palace (“SP”) was about to be overwhelmed with energetic attendees whose lives were changed because of these science-based, patented, natural-ingredient products. I am one of those attendees as I cannot argue against the success of these products.

The drive from California to Salt Lake City allowed us to arrive earlier than planned. We decided to seize the opportunity to register this same evening and avoid the massive crowds that would fill the large lobby in less than twelve hours. Our hotel was five long blocks away so we decided to get some exercise and walk to the SP. After all, it was a nice evening.

At the corner of the second block, I walked towards the electronic box where a button awaited the push of my finger to send a signal to the control unit that we would like to cross the street at the next green light. I was about to press the button when suddenly 

my left ankle twisted ever-so slightly. It did not hurt (at first) so we proceeded to walk to our destination to accomplish our goal. Upon check-in, we each received our Convention packet and moved to the next area to select our banquet table for Saturday’s semi-formal Awards Dinner.

We tried to connect with our other friends from Wisconsin to see if they had arrived in Salt Lake City and whether they had room at their banquet table. It was determined that they had already selected a table because they were not sure if we were going to Convention. No worries – we selected table “G6” as that was the next closest open table. Chris (our fearless leader) stated that she would visit our table that evening. Everything was in place and we were ready for Convention to start!

Remember my left ankle?

As the convention days passed, my ankle became more swollen and walking was increasingly difficult to accomplish at a normal pace. Though I didn’t need a wheelchair, it would have made it more convenient. I was determined to “tough it out” instead.

On the last day of the Convention, I purchased my lunch at the inside kiosk (my meal choices were limited because of my ankle). After paying for my lunch, I placed my wallet in my back pocket as I have done many times. I limped to my seat, sat down, and ate my lunch. I went to the bathroom several times in the next few hours and stood a few times to participate in standing ovations for specific people or inspiring moments. I really appreciate this company as there was NO HYPE yet the inspiring stories made it feel as if EVERY person in attendance was a celebrity in their own right (including myself).

Soon, the last speech was made and goodbyes were exchanged as not all attendees would be at the Awards Dinner. When we left the SP, it was raining heavily. We decided to walk quickly (or as quick as I could limp) back to the hotel so that we could change into our evening attire and return to the SP for one last ceremony.

My ankle was sore but we made it back safe and sound. I emptied my pockets and began organizing myself for the Awards Dinner. Some people call it “OCD” but I call it being “organized.” I gathered my cell phone, watch, and a couple of other personal belongings and placed them on the glass table in our room.

Suddenly, I realized that my wallet was missing! I searched my wet clothes, under the bed, around the hotel room, and then I began to worry. My mind raced as I thought about the credit cards, drivers license, and other important things that would be a paradise for a thief to steal my identity.


I took a deep breath and began to pray to God to help me locate my wallet. The last thing I could remember was placing my wallet into my back pocket after I purchased my lunch – that was five hours ago!

My roommate asked if I thought I may have been pick-pocketed but I told him that I don’t recall anyone bumping into me. I realize that good thieves could quickly pick a person’s pocket without the victim being aware of the theft.

My thoughts turned to “how” I sat at the hard convention chair, the trips to and from the bathroom, and the fast pace back to the hotel in the rain. The wallet could have fallen out in any of these places! To add salt to my wound, my Awards Dinner ticket was in that wallet as well!!!

The dinner was now so trivial compared to the identity recovery that would have to happen almost immediately. I called the SP and spoke to their security team but they said that no one had returned any wallet as of yet. They recommended that I contact my company’s front desk registration at the SP but they could not provide me a centralized phone number to call as this was a separate unit. Worst yet, I didn’t know anyone at the registration desk but I had to think of a way to get a hold of someone from my company (at the front desk).

I dreaded having to put on the wet clothes and limp back to the SP to check on the slim possibility that my wallet would be returned. I prayed again that God would show me a way out of this situation. I am a careful person and have never lost my wallet but as they say, there’s always a first time for everything!

How would this end for me and more importantly, would God answer my prayer in finding my wallet?



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