Lost My Wallet (part 2 of 2)

Sometimes God answers our prayers in a slow manner or causes us to wait for His answers. Other times, He answers rather quickly. We all prefer the quick answers yet what seems important to us is rather trivial to Him. He wants us to trust in Him – not on our own efforts.

Well, after my prayer of hoping my wallet would be found, I received a text message from Chris (see part 1 of this story). She asked what time we would arrive back at the SP for the Awards Dinner. In my response, I informed her that I had lost my wallet and do not know where it could be. She asked how she could help me. I replied and told her that I had already contacted the SP security team and they recommended that I contact my company’s front desk registration team. I told her that I do not know “who” I can contact about this.

I prayed once more about my situation and tried to stop my brain from receiving negative outcomes. Immediately after this prayer, my phone vibrated – it was Chris. I wonder why she was calling me…

When I answered the phone, she asked if I could hear her (there was a lot of noise in the background). As it turned out, she was still at the SP and was calling from the front desk registration area. Excitedly, she explained that my wallet was returned to her regional manager and I just needed to verbally instruct him to give my wallet to Chris. With pleasure, I provided the authorization needed.

Apparently, another marketing executive found my wallet on the floor in the main hall (it must have fallen out at my seating area). This person gave it to a corporate director who was kind enough to bring it to the front desk. When Chris went to check on the wallet, it somehow made it to her regional manager! This small action only reaffirms my faith in this Wellness Company and the integrity of its independent marketing executives. They truly do enhance the lives of those they touch to help others reach their goals.

Praise the Lord for answering my prayers. However, He did more than that!!

Remember from the previous blog that Chris and her team had already secured their seats at the Awards Dinner? This has to be a God-thing!!

As it turned out, the other team members were moved to another table because they learned that they would be receiving an award on-stage. This left Chris by herself so she returned to the banquet registration table to see if she could be reassigned elsewhere. The person quickly found her another table and now for the “God-thing” – he reassigned her to table “G6”!!

Not only would God allow my wallet to be returned by Chris but He would make it very easy (for me) as she would be seated next to me at “G6”.

As I reflect upon my experiences this year at the Convention, I can only smile because what started with a twisted ankle which forced me to stay at the SP (instead of wandering the streets of Salt Lake City) ended with a lost-but-found wallet to be returned to my adopted team leader – Chris.

God is good all the time!  My ankle is still in recovery but you can bet this will be one Convention I will remember for a long time!

Now where did I put that pain cream…..


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