Memorial Day in the United States

As I sit quietly and safely in my room while checking my Facebook account, I see a myriad of shared posts regarding tributes to our fallen military heroes who freely gave up their lives so that we may live our own freedom. One cannot hold back tears as video after video reminds us of the importance of this precious day in America.

This brings to mind the purpose of this site: to instill the courage to live on.

A death, no matter where and how it occurs, is still a finality here on earth. The hope is that we will see those departed loved ones again in eternity. Suffering a loss is a tragedy in itself but for those of us who have put their faith in the One who gave life in the first place, there is a sense of relief and joy that he/she is no longer suffering for their cause.

In reality, today is a day to remember those service men and women who bravely gave their lives to protect our country and freedom. We must also not forget those veterans who have passed on as they have given their lives to serve this same country. I am reminded of my own father who served the U.S. Army and has since passed on in 2005. He returned from his service, raised his family, and still honored the flag every day of his life. This day is for him as well.

I am so appreciative of the men and women who have served and are currently serving for my freedom. It should not take just a single day to remember these sacrifices – it should be a daily reminder!!

Therefore, to the men and women who have served and have passed on from this life to another, I salute you and thank you for your sacrifice, dedication, and love for this country and the millions of people whom  you represent. You are true heroes for this beautiful United States of America!


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day in the United States

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