The Secret Getaway – Part Two

The time was fast approaching our departure for the second part of the day – dinner.

My shirt and pants were ironed and the anticipation of a wonderful, intimate dinner with my lovely wife created a stir of excitement within me. The venue was only a two-minute ride on the coastal highway so that was very helpful to simply drive casually and enjoy the sunset (well, the “fog-set” in our case).

The exit led to a gravel road that seemed to go nowhere until the uphill left turn. This led us to a lot without identified slots – I parked our car within the imaginary lines of a normal parking spot.

It was cold and breezy which made the wooden stairs leading to the front doors that much more inviting. Upon entering the restaurant, every table enjoyed the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Couples young and old occupied tables for their private part of the world. The chairs were made of sturdy wood and the tables were clean and orderly. This was definitely a beautiful dining establishment that was slightly off the highway. Locals freely walked into the bar, shared drinks and laughed with each other. One got the sense that this was much more than a fancy place to dine – it was a friendly and safe place to enjoy a wonderful meal and drinks together.

The maître d’ welcomed and wished us a “Happy Anniversary” as he found our name on the guest list. Leading us to the back of the restaurant, we sat at a table that overlooked the ocean while two musicians were setting up their guitars for some live music. My immediate concern was that it would be loud and ruin the atmosphere as we were about twenty feet from the small stage. However, when they began their set, the music was perfectly muted to create the absolute ambience that would complement our dinner experience.

We enjoyed fun conversations, great food, soft jazz music, an attentive waitress, and the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean – my beautiful wife did a GREAT job arranging this anniversary. I must admit – I am not easily surprised but this getaway was the best I have experienced in a very long time!

Great job honey – can’t wait until next year!!!

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