Wedding Plans…

Summer is a wonderful time for weddings! Beautiful weather (in most parts of the United States), new beginnings, and a season that will bring great memories of family activities for years to come. Such is a time that awaits us this year.

My older son and his fiance are planning their wedding day to occur in mid-August. It will be an outdoor ceremony and my first time to be involved in this type of arrangement. The venue is in a beautiful cultural center that has a Mediterranean-style clubhouse, a large outdoor five-level water fountain, and a platform surrounded by white columns to enclose the wedding party while providing the elevated view for all attendees to watch the sacred ceremony of matrimony. It is an elegant stage that will provide memorable views of the service. The anticipated weather condition on this spectacular day will be hot given the location and time of year. Plans of installing large triangular sails between the trees will provide the adequate shade for the guests.

On this particular Sunday afternoon, we visited the outdoor site and imagined the options available to accommodate other arrangements that would be more advantageous for maximum sun protection. It was rather warm as the parents scurried about the green courtyard like squirrels looking for the best acorns to gather. Our young couple kept up the pace and expressed their opinions as they have already considered some of these proposed options. They were, however, open-minded about the other possible layouts that had not been discussed yet.

Our main concern was the maximum natural sun protection for the bride as she will be adorned in her lovely wedding dress layered by material that will certainly be admired by all but very uncomfortable in the hot August sun. The grassy areas, segmented by textured walkways, generated discussion on where to lay the white runner. Our young couple mentioned that they had recently attended a wedding in which a white runner was placed on a grassy area at a beautiful golf course venue.  The runner looked beautiful until the first bridesmaid walked along the path with her high-heels thus poking holes into the material. It was a near-comical entrance as she had difficulty pulling her shoes out of the holes without stumbling or walking barefoot after a few steps. The rest of the bridesmaids had similar adventures when they entered the ceremony. Needless to say, the bride was faced with a torn pathway and everyone felt bad for her. As a result of that experience, my future daughter-in-law was adamant in avoiding that situation altogether. We immediately agreed with her!

The hour slowly passed as we noted the sun’s position but acknowledged that in a couple of months, the pattern may be slightly different. Everyone was exhausted and the waning enthusiasm was our cue to vacate the premises and continue the wedding planning in a much cooler location. Such an exciting time for our two lovebirds and so much for them to look forward to in their new life together.

Sometimes I wonder why there is so much emphasis on the planning of a wedding day as compared to what will lie ahead for any couple of any age. I recalled my experience when I was their age as I planned my first wedding. The excitement easily lead to the higher cost of the entire event but the reality was that the focus really needed to be on the rest of the years together – not just on that one spectacular day.

However, who am I to stand in the way of true love? August 2015 will be their special month in their lifetime together – I am so privileged to be invited to a part of the planning of their special day. It will be a wonderful memory for all of us to enjoy for years to come!

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