Ripples In The Pond

I was leading a business training session the other night and was trying to think of a way to encourage my team in doing the right things to help their businesses. We discussed the obstacles that appeared to stand in our paths only to realize that it was just a mirage!

Many have defined the acronym – F.E.A.R. – as False Expectations Appearing Real. However, our perceived fears are only real if we allow them to be that way. In life, the paralysis of not doing something due to fear is only offset by the mere fact that, without any action, one would have lost nothing except the opportunity to possibly overcome a challenge in life.

At the end of the meeting, I used the analogy of a pebble and a still lake early in the morning…

When nothing disturbs the surface of the lake, it is like a gigantic mirror. Serene and calm, the surface reflects the world above as if to say “all is quiet below“. Such beauty is sometimes accented with a low-lying fog or rolling mist to protect the quietness of the lake.

Suddenly, a pebble is dropped into the lake.

Relative to the size of the lake, a pebble would seem to be an insignificant factor in an attempt to disrupt the calmness of the lake. However, a small pebble will create ripples that will float along the surface of the watery mirror and the waves would reach distances that would cause just enough disturbance to upset the serenity of the lake. Eventually, the ripples would encounter enough resistance from the lake’s surface that the ripples would finally stop. The journey of the ripples often stretches farther than one could imagine from the might of one small pebble.

Such is life and business. When one continues to do the same things in life, it achieves a level of serenity and familiarity often classified as the comfort zone. Should one decide to make even one small change, it may seem insignificant at first but the ripples of that tiny action will stretch beyond one’s ability to see the full effects realized. Small changes that build upon itself become life transformations. To change one’s life or path, it only takes that first small step or action.

In the training for my team, I encouraged them to commit to, on a weekly basis, meeting someone new and to call on someone different to connect with and build a relationship. After all, relationship building always begins with one small step.

So, what is your pebble for this week?


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