Beautiful Wedding Ceremony #1

The setting was perfect on Saturday evening.

Although I am new to my wife’s side of the family, everyone welcomed me with a hug. It was a time of family reunions, rebuilding of old bonds, and creating new memories. No matter the circumstances, this wedding brought together a group of people – friends, family, and acquaintances – to celebrate the union of my step-son and his new bride.

Sitting at the outdoor patio overlooking the 18th green and the nearby driving range, the sun was a welcomed factor for keeping the ceremony concise. The wedding party consisted of six groomsmen and bridesmaid with no ring bearer or flower girl walking down the aisle to grace the audience. That was fine because I don’t think they would have tolerated the 90-degree weather at all.

The bride looked beautiful and so excited as she simply couldn’t wait for the vows to be recited and the blessing of the pastor to “kiss the bride.” Twenty minutes later, they kissed! It didn’t take much convincing to get the wedding party, parents, and guests to follow the happily married couple down the aisle. While others went into the lobby for cocktails, the rest of the family went downstairs to a shaded area for pictures with the bride and groom.

Once the last picture was taken, everyone filed into the lobby to join the rest of the guests. We waited patiently as each member of the wedding party was announced which allowed them to walk onto the dance floor with whatever moves they wanted to express. Some were embarrassed while others took full advantage of their entrance song. Finally, the announcement was made that the bride and groom was ready to grace us all with their smiles. Their faces revealed signs of relief and exhilaration as it was time to let go and have fun!!

The clubhouse dining room, once filled with exhausted golfers trading stories of their golf game, was now replaced by white-clothed table tops, elegant dinnerware, and champagne glasses to toast the newlyweds. Speeches were made and stories told of the couple’s beginnings, their dating period, and best wishes for their future. It was a privilege to witness this matrimony.

What joy will fill their lives throughout the years and what struggles they will encounter as they learn to grow old together, protecting their marriage against all adversities, and to honor the sanctity of this union between a man and a woman.

As for my wife and I, we want to protect our kids from those dangers and pitfalls based on our combined years of marital experience (nearly 45 years) but I realize that every couple must face their own struggles to shape their marriage into what they want it to become. Like a diamond that needs to undergo much polishing and shaping to create that perfect look, a wedding marriage built on strong principles, faith in God, and a deep commitment to each other – that is a perfect recipe for success!

So to the newlywed couple – good luck with your new life together and never forget to love each other no matter what! The desire to out-serve each other in life will create the strong foundation upon which a marriage should be built upon!


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