The Bible And Rings

I have always loved that expression – “The Circle of Life”.

Aside from the Lion King story, we do live in a circle of life. When something happens today, it will somehow repeat itself differently in the future. Like the expression “what goes around, comes around“, history tends to repeat itself and often times, it will have a modern twist to the same story.

No, I am not referring to movie remakes or “you reap what you sow” but rather, joyous life events that bring back fond memories. The world needs more positive influences rather than the negativity that the news continually report every day and night.

Well, an event will be happening soon for our family in which an expression of traditional love will be displayed on a special book…

During a recent planning session with our future in-laws and the couple-to-be, the question of the wedding rings came up for discussion. How would it be presented and more importantly, in what manner would the rings be displayed down the aisle? Perhaps it would simply be given to the Best Man to hold in his pocket instead?

After some brainstorming, my gracious wife suggested that the ring bearer walk down the aisle with the rings fastened onto my first wife’s Bible to honor her memory as my first-born was trying to figure how to include his mother in the ceremony.

It touched my heart that my lovely wife would be so open to include the memory of my son’s mother and share the day with all of us (even though we all know she is not physically here anymore). All agreed that this was a great idea and my assigned task was to select one of her Bibles to use for this upcoming ceremony.

I went to my stash of memories and found a Bible to give to my son on his wedding day. In my mind, this will be a priceless gift to him for the cover had my wife’s name engraved in gold letters. I left a surprise card in there for him to discover one day – the precious memory that he gave to her as a child will now be her gift to him as a reminder that she will always love him and be close to his heart.

A mother’s heart to love her children knows no boundaries – even in death.

The other day, my son dropped by to “hang out with the family”. I showed him the Bible selected and he asked me to hold it until the day of his wedding. He did not take the time to look inside the Bible but I know he saw the engraving on the cover – he did not say anything else. Perhaps his mind was on other pressing matters but I told him that I will hold it for him as requested.

In the near future, I will await his phone call for when he finally opens her Bible, he will not only find her book markers but he will surely discover that special memory waiting for him – his mother’s love through a simple card.

There are days when it is difficult to move on but those are becoming less as I have learned to share the memories of how wonderful of a mother my boys had with my late wife as they continue to grow into the men she had raised them to become. If she were alive today, I know she would be very proud of her boys.

When they miss their mom, I will remind them to look in the mirror and they will see her smiling.


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