It’s Raining Inside…

A familiar fragrance…

An anniversary of old…

The material possessions that bring back wonderful memories…

The arousal of these senses often evokes deep, and perhaps suppressed, emotions that are difficult to share with others because only you can understand the anguish these past hurts will bring upon you for that temporary moment.

It is approaching seven complete years in which my wife went home to the Lord. I have never forgotten those last days with her and the pain I knew would come in my future years without her by my side. The dreams we had hoped for and the real life we shared are like a wisp in the wind. She was taken home too early and her last wish was that I continue to live my life with complete strength and integrity. In honor of her memory, I have chosen to respect her wish and have since re-married another wonderful woman of God.

Life is fleeting and how we live the rest of our time on earth is important. Do we make an impact that leaves a legacy for others to follow or do we simply live for ourselves? I have more pleasure in finding ways to help others because I want to know that my life matters to those I encounter.

Yet there are those unexpected days in which someone walks by with a fragrance that reminds me of my first wife and it takes me back to the good memories we shared. Though I smile on the outside, my heart cries internally and I am quickly reminded of how much I miss her. The strange thing is that there are other times in which, given the same circumstances of smelling the same fragrance, I do not have such strong emotions. Why is that?

It has been a blessing to hear from others that my book is becoming a story of healing and hope especially to caregivers or people in similar situations. This has inspired me to write my next book to share what life was like after the loss. The heart has the capacity to love more than one person and though I will never forget her, I have room to love my new blessing in life – my current wife.

Do you know of someone who is hurting or is a caregiver to others they love? If so, please share my book as it may resonate for them at the right moment in time. Leaving a legacy of love rather than one of personal gain is so much more rewarding, don’t you agree?

However, when it rains on the inside, tell yourself that it is OK. Memories are the intangibles that can never be lost. It may very well be your happy place.


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