Thirty Years Later…

History repeats itself in fascinating ways!

The other day, I was reflecting upon where and who I was thirty years ago. Have you ever had one of those reflective moments in which you take a walk back in time only to realize that those years are gone like the blink of an eye?  Whatever time frame you choose, take a minute to reflect who and where you were in the past.

I am amazed as to what has transpired in my lifetime thirty years ago… 

My father was alive and in the prime of his life. Being the oldest of 3 boys, I was only twenty-five and getting ready to be married to my best friend. We were so excited to begin our journey together as husband and wife (see my previous post).  Honoring my parents through the traditional tea ceremony was special for me as it would be the first and last time I would ever partake in that modernized event.

I was beginning my career in technology and did not have my college degree yet (dropped out early but returned to earn both my BSBA and MBA). We moved into our first apartment and life was great! My parents had celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary and my brother was just beginning his career in law enforcement.

Fast forward thirty years later and history repeats itself in a blended manner.

I’m semi-retired now after “finishing” my career in technology. That career had treated me and my family well. Now I am a published author and I am afforded opportunities to appear on TV and in speaking engagements. Unlike my parents, I never celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary at this stage in my life as I had lost my first wife to cancer (see my previous posts and book).

Next month, my oldest son is getting married and he has begun his career in law enforcement (just like my brother). Unfortunately, there will not be any tea ceremony but I knew that as generations proceed, traditions will lessen giving way to new ones.

My hope is that as each generation grows, they will be more prosperous than the last. In the meantime, the thirty years of my life passed by like Haley’s Comet. How could so much have happened in such a short time? What a blessing it has been and I look forward to the next thirty years of life!

This time, however, I will blink slower…

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