Four Generations…

We were invited to a Red Egg and Ginger Party the other day to celebrate a baby’s third month of life. In the Chinese culture, this is a common party (at least when I was growing up) and it was a celebration of new life. Friends and family attend to not only honor this newborn’s arrival but to share in the excitement that lies in store for the new parents.

The egg symbolizes life change and the shape of the egg represents harmony and happiness in life. The eggs are dyed red as this color, in China, means happiness.  Guests bring gifts and, in return, the parents give the red eggs to their guests.

As we arrived, I recognized some of my extended family members. They greeted us with smiles and hugs while admiring how our son has grown up.  Then we saw the guest of honor…

Beau has beautiful big round eyes that accents his chubby cheeks. He was probably overwhelmed with the many strange faces and only his parents or extended family were allowed to carry him (mainly for security and comfort). He will not remember any of us except through pictures one day, some day.

The Japanese buffet restaurant provided the “ginger” for the party (remember – this is a Red Egg and Ginger party). Ginger adds a  spicy touch to the nutritional needs of a new mother so that she can regain strength. For this mom, she looked rather healthy.

What was amazing at this party was not so much the various guests who paid tribute to a new life in the extended family but rather, the number of generations represented. On my side of the family, my aunts and uncles live very long lives. In this particular case, baby Beau’s mother is my cousin’s daughter which makes my cousin the grandparents. My cousin’s mother is still alive and well at 88 years young, which would make her the great-grandmother. Four generations in one place – what a blessing!

Aside from the magnificent food and great company, it was my privilege to be in the presence of four generations of family members, all getting along and all appreciating the lives they have lived so far. Baby Beau may not understand how lucky he is to have this longevity before him but I’m sure he will appreciate it one day when he looks upon the pictures taken at his Red Egg & Ginger Party.

What a legacy!

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