The Big Move

The other day, I helped my older son move his worldly possessions into his first dwelling place as he prepares for the next stage of his life – marriage. I am not discounting his move to the college dorm seven years ago or his move into a one-bedroom rental in a friend’s house – those are important acts of relocation. No, I am talking about a place he can finally call “his own” where the realities of paying his bills, protecting his home, and maintaining his yard gives him that pride of ownership – that type of place!

Fortunately, the furniture was easily detachable thus making the packing of the parts easier to load into a crossover vehicle. The largest solid piece of furniture was the headboard of the queen size bed frame. This was not the first time I have helped him move his furniture so experience played a major role in this activity. They wanted to move into a one-bedroom cottage in a rural area that was just far enough to escape the daily rat race while enjoying nature at its best. I have never been to their new place so I was excited to see it. With the first load ready to go, we embarked on our new adventure.

After a short drive on the freeway, our exit led us on a few twists and turns through tree-lined roads and acres of land. The journey brought back fond memories of driving to summer camps for my kids. The serenity was inviting and soon, the lead car pulled into a driveway. I recognized the cottage based on the recent Facebook picture posted by my son. It was a beautiful first home with a country-like setting that would provide a sanctuary from the busyness of life. This was their first home!

I positioned my vehicle for an optimal angle to unload the many boxes and furniture pieces. As my younger son and I unloaded each piece, my mind wandered in different paths. It would be a day of mixed emotions for me. On the one hand, every furniture piece reminded me of the planning we had done over ten years ago when my late wife and I selected the two large bookcases, the glass top study desk, the dresser with separate pieces for flexible arrangements, the matching nightstand, and the queen size bed frame. We knew this furniture would last for years and our wish was that these would become his starting furniture set for his marriage one day.

On the other hand, this reminded me of my first apartment as we prepared for our wedding day thirty years ago. All one needed was a bedroom set, a sofa for guests, basic kitchen essentials, and love! Now the circle of life has made its full return for the next generation.

I am positive that if my late wife was still alive today, she would be so proud of her son and the young man he has become. She would be honored at his wedding (in a couple of weeks) and would have rested in the satisfaction that her motherly wisdom has given her son a wonderful first step into a new branch of life in our growing family tree.

The physical moving of furniture, boxes, and other worldly possessions are only temporary – the memories are eternal and will leave a legacy of love for those to follow.

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