At The Speed Of “Blink”…


What has happened to me? Where did the past seventeen years go? How could this have happened? Is this real or a fantasy?

It was the first day of school in this region and summer seemed to have passed by like a strong gust of wind in the open desert plain. The past two months were very important as I wanted to spend time with my son before he moves to the next stage of his life – adulthood!

The sleepovers with his good friend this past summer felt strange. While these boys were much bigger now, I still saw them as the little ones of ten years ago. They always found things to do together which included the age-old entrepreneurial experience of the cold lemonade stand to bike rides around the neighborhood or Nerf gun wars (later progressing to paintball and Airsoft ).  However, in recent years, it was all about just hanging out, jamming on their favorite instruments, and playing video games. Oh, let’s not forget the movies both in theaters and at home or the tossing of the football in the open fields.

On this particular first day of school, I took a picture of my son as he was loading his car with his school backpack for his last year in High School. It began as a joke to keep up with the friends who were posting their kids’ “first day of school smiles” on Facebook. This little boy had grown into a fine young man, earning his first part-time job over the summer, and pre-planning his academic schedule to ensure that his senior year would not be as stressful as the past three years (thank goodness)!

As he waved goodbye and drove off to school, I looked at the picture I took of this young man. It was at that moment I realized that I had done the inevitable – blinked!

How could this little boy have become a young man so quickly? He endured a lot for his young life so far yet he found the tenacity and will power to survive in spite of the circumstances. If his mother was still alive, I know she would have been very proud of her baby boy. She may have been a blubbering mess watching him drive away but her pride would have been as bright as the sun shining through the clouds in the midst of a storm.

Yes, our baby boy has grown into a young man at the speed of blink!





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