The Rehearsal…

Well, reality is about to set in for me.

I have been busy helping my son and future daughter-in-law with their banquet guest list and table placements. So much to do and so little time left!! The busyness of the event can create stress for all parties involved and one does not realize the myriad of activities involved to plan a wedding.

Friday night arrives and the rehearsal was scheduled for 7:00 pm. The evening was pleasant as the sun was setting. Just a week before, the temperature had reached over one-hundred degrees so the main concern was how the guests would tolerate this extreme heat given the wedding would start at 3:30pm and guaranteed to last, at a minimum, one hour!!!

As parents of the groom, our job was rather easy – escort my wife into the outdoor seating area and be the spectator (I could handle that task). While the wedding party lined up on stage with the pastor giving other instructions, I watched my son holding his fiance’s hands as he gazed at her beauty.

Suddenly – a flashback occurred. It was as if I was traveling back in time to my first wedding nearly thirty years ago and getting married to my son’s mother. That’s when it hit my consciousness – life has come full circle for me. With God’s blessings, it may occur one more time with my younger son some day in the distant future.

For now, I will be the spectator to my offspring’s new life. I pray that their lives will be filled with many good blessings and that they will live as one for a very long time.

Then another thought hit me …. I may become a “grandpa” one day in the very near future!!!  What a blessing that will be and it is simply wonderful to witness these miracles as long as I continue to keep my eyes opened!

Next stop – wedding day!!!


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