The Next Generation Arrives…

Wednesday was fast approaching and I was looking forward to seeing my son and his new bride. After their wedding day only ten days earlier, I realized that once they crossed the front door threshold, I would be seeing the next generation of the family tree and all the hopes and dreams that awaits us all.

Ding Dong!  My heart was beating fast as I opened the door. I must admit – there were a lot of mixed emotions but that was easily overcome by the excitement I felt inside. Twenty-five years seemed to have passed so quickly and now, I see a young man and his future, hand-in-hand.

His familiar smile greeted me as he cheerfully said, “Hi Dad” and gave me a big hug. My daughter-in-law gave me an equally radiant smile and hug as I welcomed them into our home. It took me a minute to compose myself as this was the first time they were appearing as husband and wife – no longer fiance or boyfriend/girlfriend.

My wife and I invited them to lunch. We traded stories of what really happened on their wedding day. Laughter was our constant companion and as the hours quickly passed, my heart grew with even greater love for this new couple. The paths of these two young lovebirds were very different yet somehow, God crossed their paths at the right time. Their union has brought together two families and perhaps soon, the sounds of little feet will grace their home.

In the meantime, I was reminded of my early days of marriage and how innocence paved the way for reality, perseverance, and a deeper love that can only be gained through both victories and struggles in marriage. They, too, will learn these life lessons in due time.

For now, my heart was blessed to see that my courage to live on (in spite of my tragedies) have yielded the fruits that sat across the restaurant table.

Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate. (Mark 10:9)

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