What It All Boils Down To (in your life)

Have you ever thought about the events in your life that caused you heartache, grief, or struggle only to realize that there was a hidden lesson waiting to be revealed at the right time? Perhaps you are experiencing that right now and simply want to give up, convincing yourself that there is no possible good that would come out of this personal trial?

I was thinking about this the other day when a radio program host was talking about “boiling things down” to its core. I do not recall the exact topic being discussed but it had me reflect upon what really happens when things become refined. For example, boiling metal at different temperatures will shed imperfections until the “core” of the metal is finally exposed.

Such is life and all the struggles we face on a regular basis whether we realize it or not. Some say “it builds character” or “there is a higher purpose to be served.” Others believe that it is in direct retaliation for past sins. It could be some of these reasons or maybe all of them depending upon the circumstances.

When I reflect upon my loss during this same time period every year, I do not blame God or anyone else. I am not ashamed of the event and I am not afraid to share it with those who wish to hear about it. A personal loss is not to be tucked away and forgotten – I celebrate the good memories and eagerly await for the next new adventure.

I suppose it is a matter of perspective and mindset. To dwell on a past is to be a prisoner to its fate – I choose to be a survivor who has pushed aside obstacles in order to live life to its fullest!

My hope is that your “core” is strong enough to endure life’s battles and if it is not, may you resolve to become a survivor instead of the victim!

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