A Mother and Her Children…

It is high school senior year for my youngest son and aside from the many rituals that accompany this momentous milestone, the search for photos to be included in the school’s annual yearbook seems like a right of passage for parents before they send their once-little ducklings into the big world that awaits their future imprints!

Yes, there are the scheduled college tours, preparation for the exit exams, senior prom, senior portfolio projects, ordering the class ring and graduation regalia, keeping the students focused on finishing strong, etc. It happened so fast though the past few years, at times, seemed like eternity as I helped him with advanced math, chemistry, and other subjects that overwhelmed my aging brain! In many ways, as much as he is happy this is his last year in high school, I am too!!

Now I have another school assignment – find a few pictures of my son for his school’s yearbook along with the submission of his senior photo. When I was in high school, we had to take formal pictures even though all the guys wore the same ruffled-shirt tuxedo (yes, that shows my age). These days, it is all about self-expression which is interesting to me. The formality has given way to colorful, fun pictures of our future generation.

While digging through my old pictures, I found a photo of my two boys posing with their mother – this was taken over seventeen years ago! She would be very proud of them today!


Looking at that picture, however, my mind reminisced those early years when life was not so complicated. Then, as if someone pressed the Fast Forward button in my memory bank, I saw many images flashed before me. These memories evoked strong emotions within me. How could time have flown by so fast?

Quite frankly, it is amazing to realize how much data storage our brains actually contain and I don’t even remember having an upgrade to my operating system (OK, enough of my geek talk).

My heart had much appreciation for the fruits that life yielded for our family generation. I am looking forward to the years ahead and the next generation of young ones. I believe that no matter how old our children become, we will always have our “memory eyes” looking through our glasses “of time”.

I thank God for all that He has brought us through and await eagerly upon the next adventure He has in store for us! In the end, I am confident that we will all be together again!!




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