To Be Free Like A Bird

P1020354 (4)

Ever wonder what it must feel like to be a bird flying through the air, manipulating the wind for the desired flight patterns, and to soar without a care in the world? It must be wonderful to take to the skies with the flapping of the wings and seeing the world from high above. Their unobstructed views must be spectacular while their eyes capture breathtaking pictures of life.

I may be over-simplifying the life of a bird as I am sure they have their own stresses to deal with such as feeding their young (not to mention themselves) and watching out for their own natural enemies. To think that it all began in an egg with their first test of survival in breaking through the hard shell. After being fed by their mother, how does she show her love for her babies? She pushes them out of the nest!

Sometimes I wonder what she might be saying to her flailing babies as they free-fall to their new lives or certain death. Perhaps it is something like “Have a nice life!” or “Flap or Flop – it’s your choice!

Then I think about us humans and in spite of our superiority over these birds, we face the same, yet different, obstacles in life. Most parents won’t put their young children out of the house and hope for the best. We nurture our children until they are sufficient to face life on their own. For many, the family unit expands and contracts but they go through life together.

Unless we fly in an airplane, we are land-bound and get a different view of our landscape. Similar to a bird, we can get into some mode of transportation and go wherever we want; the only difference is that we must follow paved roadways (or go off-road but not very far). The bird in the sky has no “flight lane” to follow – it enjoys the freedom to glide wherever it wants to go.

The obstacles I face allows me to live life with a purpose. Though it may seem aimless at times, my freedom to live rests solely in me. Birds are territorial and thus, they fly within their comfort zones. Even migratory birds will fly to a destination (similar to many of us who take vacations to other locations).

In the end, I am glad to be just me!

My ambitions in life are my “wings”. The “landscape” I enjoy are my dreams to be achieved depending upon my desire to pursue them. One can choose to always live inside their protective egg-shell and wishing to enjoy the world outside OR one can choose to courageously break through their confined space and be a part of a bigger canvas of life.

I choose to be alive and break through my own barriers in order to have the privilege of participating in the world around me. I choose to be ME!!!

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