The Rendezvous…

Strawberry Valley Mt Shasta

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting the needs of my wife with a quick rendezvous at a location we had never been to before. She endured a few days of prolonged care-giving that expended her energy both physically and emotionally. She was looking forward to returning home but dreaded the long 10+ hours of driving (if she drove straight home).

So she invited me to an impromptu overnight that would require me to drive a few hours up north. I did not mind the drive and more importantly, looked forward to catching up with her. She did not have a particular place in mind to make a reservation so I volunteered to do that planning while she drove seven hours to meet me.

Since we both have no experience with this location, I quickly searched for a suitable place of rest and came upon a decent lodge. After I secured our room, I sent my wife a text message with the location so that she could enter it into her GPS system. I knew I had some time to pack so I took care of my morning errands, fed the cat, and made other necessary arrangements.

Then I threw my overnight gear into the vehicle and began my drive.

I arrived first and upon checking in with the front desk, I was given two room keys for lodge #10. It was good that I arrived first because I could get settled in and be ready to receive my wife. Then a funny thing happened…

I parked my car in front of lodge #10 and since I had plenty of time, I decided to test the key card by entering the room without any luggage to start. As I opened the door, I could see that someone left the lights on (perhaps the cleaning lady forgot to turn off the lights). Looking at the bed, I noticed a child’s fuzzy pajama was lying on the cover and somebody’s clothing scattered on the other side.

Feeling embarrassed and worried that I might scare someone, I carefully stepped out of the room and closed the door ever so quietly. I quickly walked to the front desk and told the owner what had happened. She was perplexed and embarrassed because according to her computer system, no one was supposed to be in #10.

She apologized profusely and moved us to lodge #15 instead. She said that she would check on room #10 to find out what was happening.

Room #15 was perfect as my wife arrived a half hour later. We laughed as I told her the story. Then we went to dinner and had the opportunity to catch up with her travels.

The next morning, we arrived at the small dining area for our complimentary breakfast. The owner apologized once again and said that her assistant had checked in this family earlier that day into lodge #17 but for some reason, they asked to be moved to another room (#10). However, the assistant forgot to update the computer system thus showing the occupancy still in #17.

The rendezvous was wonderful and a little mystery is always a welcome mix to keep the experience alive and fresh. We had a restful sleep, enjoyed some local nature, and then packed our cars to head home.

But oh, what a rendezvous it was!

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