‘Tis The Season Of Giving…

As the end of another year draws near, many reflect upon what they have accomplished from their New Year’s Resolution List (OK, stop laughing). Others ponder on the missed opportunities in life and defer it to next year’s goals instead. Sure, there are six more Fridays to Christmas Day (didn’t mean to panic anyone) or for some, seven more weeks until 2015 is over!

Yet for many around us, their thoughts turn to other emotions that the holiday season brings for them personally. Perhaps it is a reminder of

lost loved ones or the anguish of caring for a sick person who will not enjoy this holiday season as planned. Maybe the economy has really hurt families yet they try to make the best of a bad situation. Whatever the emotion, I hope we can all pause these next few weeks, look around, and be in tune to someone who may be hurting.

It is difficult to identify some of these people as they are very good at masking their hurt by being very involved with local festivities, attending parties, and being anywhere but alone. Take the time to check on someone as your cheer may be the uplifting emotion they are seeking this holiday season.

If you are not aware, my book can be a wonderful gift to a care-giver this season too. It is a short read of a love story between two people who loved each other through their most difficult time in their lives. You can purchase this book via CreateSpace, Amazon, or download a Kindle version for your own reading pleasure.


Bless someone this holiday season with your presence, a cheer, and perhaps the gift of my book as well. Make it a special season for a loved one or stranger as this will probably be the best present you will ever give AND receive!

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