The Best Start of This Season…


It is that time of year once again. My son performed in a school vocal concert the other night. The church was packed with family, friends, faculty, and students as the choir welcomed the Christmas season with their wonderful voices, expressions, and cheer.

The busyness of the season is overwhelming to say the least. Office parties, gift exchanges, shopping and wrapping presents, putting up the lights and tree – it masks the reason for this season.

I am not going to be preaching here but I make no apologies for saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Xmas“. Like many, if the Holy baby Jesus was not born on this special day, we would not be enjoying the designation of “Christ-mas”.

In my previous job, I was restricted to saying “Happy Holidays” as church and state had to be separated. It was sad that public opinion (i.e., political correctness) mattered more than acknowledging the historical facts. Now that I am no longer employed there, my uninhibited joy for this time of year is refreshing and liberating!

Getting back to my son’s choir performance, the one-hour program was filled with songs that were sung with joy and reminded us of the season. Of course there were some traditional songs but the main message was clear – this is the time of year when we celebrate Jesus’ birth!

Hopefully you will not be¬†SO absorbed with the Christmas lights, trees, and decorations (in addition to the gift purchases, wrapping, and exchanges) that you fail to take some time to reflect upon the true meaning of this “holiday” season.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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