New Beginnings…

It is that wonderful time of year once again!

No, I am not talking about Christmas right now. In fact, I am referring to new beginnings as we march into 2016 with determination, dreams, goals, and hopes. Perhaps some of these “resolutions” are leftovers from previous years (such as losing weight, keeping that lost weight off, getting organized, read more, eat healthier, join a gym, etc.) but whatever is the basis for your motivation, I would encourage you to “eat that elephant ONE bite at a time“!

What are my resolutions?For starters, I will work on a healthy weight management system that is suitable for my body and mind. I will not be distracted by the world’s standards for what an optimal male body should look like. This is not an excuse for me – it is simply a stress-free goal to maintain a healthy weight for myself.

Secondly, I will finish writing my next book. Many have encouraged me to continue my story from my first book – Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer. It will be a challenge to complete this next book but I am excited for how it will help others in their own recovery from loss.

Next, I will work hard to help others enhance their overall health with what I am representing in my business while working from home. It is exciting to see lives change once they realize the value and quality as compared to the regular stores or other companies.

Most importantly, I will work hard to be a better husband, father, and step-dad to the members of my immediate family. Life is moving fast for us as the boys are getting married or about to graduate high school. Very soon, we will be official empty-nesters!

The future is exciting as I trust that God will open wide the path for us to follow. He is my Rock and Salvation. After all, how can I ever deny that fact after all that I have lived through?

I know my journey is not over yet so 2016 will hold many new adventures for me! I am looking forward to new relationships, stronger bonds, and strangers I have yet to meet.

Welcome 2016!!!


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