All For A Purse?

I wonder how society has reduced itself to material possessions in exchange for dignity and human preservation. In spite of the economic data (which I always believe to be politically slanted), the good people of the United States are not completely back on their feet financially.

This gives way to an excuse for criminal activity by some while others are simply trying to get by with whatever they have left. Many strive to live on and do their best to maintain whatever lifestyle they can afford. Yet, there are some who insist on inflicting pain and suffering to satisfy their own lack of gain.

Such was the sadness felt by my local community only a few days ago.

Last week, a 63-year old woman was walking to her car at the local mall around noon. The parking lot where she was parked is fairly safe during the day. I have visited this mall many times but always made sure it was during the daytime as unsafe things typically happen during the evening hours.

Suddenly, a cowardly 19-year old approaches from behind her and hits her hard on the head with his baseball bat. Needless to say, she immediately fell to the ground, covered in blood. This coward steals her purse and begins to get away in his vehicle.

Someone tried to stop this coward and when he saw that this thief was getting away in his car, this person got into his car to give chase. Eventually, the local authorities captured this coward and not only found the woman’s purse but were able to link the suspect to another crime the day before in a neighboring city. He was captured and released for that incident.

What is this world coming to???

What would possess someone to commit such a violent crime to steal a purse? The suspect could have overpowered this senior citizen yet he had to hide behind his bat to conceal his cowardice. He was initially booked for “robbery, attempted murder, and mayhem”. However, the victim has since passed away from her head injuries so he will now be charged for murder with special circumstances. In fact, he could get the death penalty at the ripe age of 19!!!

The unfortunate thing about this entire story is that a friend contacted me the next day and asked if I had heard about this case. I replied that I had just learned of the details. Then my friend gave me the bad news.

Apparently, we both know the husband of this murdered woman!!

My heart sank as I connected the dots. This husband loved his ex-wife even though they were separated for many years. He always spoke highly of her every time I saw him. He has not remarried since their divorce and had always hoped to reconcile their differences some day.

I wondered why would this young murderer throw his life away all for a purse? What would possess him to use deadly force as if she was a threat to him? Why pursue such a violent act and prey on elderly women?

There are many cruel, heartless people in all parts of the world. Thankfully, there are many more wonderful human beings who value the sanctity of life. Let us pray that this world will change the hearts of many who intend to do harm. I realize it is unrealistic and this world has given us more cause to be overly cautious.

The economy is a major contributing factor, in my humble opinion. It does not matter which political party is in the top position – this world needs positive change and it needs to start from within and all around us!

In the meantime, please say a prayer for this family as they grieve their loss. Be good to those around you and be watchful for others as you never know when you will need each other.

Stay safe and alert!




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