“On Air”… (edited)

It is always a blessing in life when the people you have connected with many years ago appear decades later!

Such is the story of a good friend of mine who used to work alongside me at a software development company. He was always full of life and possessed a positive attitude about everything. I had left the company shortly thereafter to pursue my career and we lost touch after that.

Then in September, 2013, something happened…

With the power of social media, we reconnected. So much had happened in the twenty-plus years we were apart. He learned about my life tragedies and was excited about my book – “Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer“. He shared how he had learned to connect with many people from all walks of life. He was full of ideas and the excitement in his eyes showed determination and pizzazz. In short, he is a real connector of people!

In 2015, he invited me to a personal development weekend seminar. We laughed as we were segregated into our different personality groups – he was the promoter and loves to live in the fast lane with ideas constantly flowing! A month later, he started his radio program and was able to sign a contract to use a local radio station and its facilities. He promotes many things (no surprise there) but stays true to form as he is all about caring for others.

In fact, his radio show brought awareness to the digital app download for the conglomerate of radio stations at that location which, according to one of the producers of the organization, has not only brought widespread awareness but gave that company a leading edge among its competitors in this field of mobile radio news and entertainment. My friend saw that upward trend of a mobile listening outlet and seized the opportunity to exploit it for the good of the conglomerate and as a result, the producer said that “everyone” in the building now knows who my friend is really all about – a dream builder who can change the landscape with his enthusiasm, drive, and creativity! In her words, she told her boss that my friend is “the real deal.”

Therefore, I was excited when my friend invited me to do a five-minute segment on his show to promote my book “on the air” – he constantly keeps me in mind for speaking engagements as well. I have sung on stages and various venues, spoken in groups, and even appeared twice in television interviews. Today’s experience rounds out my exposure – radio!

It was fun to be interviewed by my good friend and though there was no audience (except for the people in the recording studio and two other guests waiting for their time to step up to the microphone), it was very natural for me. I am honored to be chosen by my friend to speak in this venue as it will reach thousands of listeners on Friday afternoon. It was a pre-recorded show.

Friendship is a funny thing – one never knows the paths that will cross in future years and how it will help each other to achieve life goals together. Though it was only five minutes, I appreciate the exposure that was offered to help others who are looking for hope in their care giving experiences.

At the end, he asked me to pose in front of the microphone with my book in hand. My smile reflects my heart of thanksgiving as my story will reach others in ways that I could never have imagined! It is a story of hope and my prayer is that it will reach far beyond the listeners this Friday!

Thank you, Lord, for such a ministry.



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