Natural Beauty


There comes a time in our lives when we need to simply stop and absorb the beautiful nature around us. Walks along forest pathways are exhilarating and to be one with nature is something that cannot be obtained from watching a screen saver or read about it from a book.

No, sometimes it has to be experienced!!!

With the latest technology and social media, snapping the “perfect” picture is easier than it was in the “good old days” when you hoped that you captured the best moments on film. This would only be validated by depositing that small canister of film at the local photo shop while holding your breath and praying that you did not waste your film or money! For many young people, this seems like a foreign concept (OK, so I am showing my age here).

Then comes the day to pick up your package of photos…


You sift through the pictures while tossing aside the perfectly focused pictures of the ground or the infamous darkness of night shots (i.e., forgetting to remove your camera lens cap). That moment in life is permanently captured on film regardless of the outcome. What pressure!!!

Well, my son and his new bride recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon and I am excited to hear all about their twists and turns of flying, catching a bus, running to catch their train ride, and then do it in reverse order a week later.


I did not realize that the canyon’s beauty can be captured at night as well.


I visited the Grand Canyon many years ago but did not have the privilege of exploring it the way they did. Therefore, I relive it through their recent experience and wished I could have been there myself.



The next time we see them, I am sure their stories will be entertaining and their pictures will be plentiful. I must not forget, however, to ask them one important question:

Did you walk on the see-through platform otherwise known as the Grand Canyon Skywalk at Grand Canyon West?

It’s on my bucket-list for sure!




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