A Four-Decade Reunion!

I had the distinct honor of reconnecting with a high school classmate after a separation of nearly four decades! How did we find each other?

We can thank social media for that!

We did not actually hang out with each other during high school but we knew of each other. It seemed like a lifetime ago but when we met for dinner in San Francisco the other night, it was absolutely wonderful to answer the “age-old” question….

What did you do after high school?

We talked about our families, our kids, and our careers. The conversation flowed  easily and it reminded me of that feeling where life flashes right before your eyes!

I’m sure there were many fillers that did not need to be shared that night as those details will emerge in due time. It was a Readers Digest version while enjoying some Pho Noodles.

Though we lived very different lives, we learned that we are both survivors in the midst of tragedies. Everyone has their story to tell and wisdom is often gained from the outcome of those experiences. We acknowledged that each person’s story is unique and primed to be shared with someone, someday. There will come a time in which a unique situation will cross each of our paths for which only YOU can be able to relate completely and, if possible, help that person through their struggle.

We discussed the writing of my book and I gladly autographed her copy. High school could never have prepared me to become a writer.

When life gives you challenges, there are only two options: rise above it or blame others. There is no third option because to do nothing is the same as the latter.

We learned that our stories of survival will continue – it was simply exhilarating to be in the company of another survivor with a mindset to move forward with life!

I hope you surround yourself with survivors because together, you will accomplish much more in life and gain strength from like-minded people!

Therefore, go forth and conquer!!!

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