Someday Is Fast Approaching!

Where have all the years gone?

It only seemed like yesterday that our youngest son was born. I had the privilege of being in the delivery room when he was introduced to the world. He came out fast (my wife appreciated that) and was ready to take on life itself!

How did I know that? Well, it all began when the nurses cleaned him and gave him to me to hold. This was not my first time holding a baby minutes after birth but this little one fascinated me.

I held him under his armpits so that I could see his face for the first time. I was very careful and made sure my fingers secured his head and body. God blessed us with a beautiful boy and we had been waiting for him after many years of trying to conceive a sibling for our older son.

Then I felt something strange. Unwittingly, while holding onto my son, I did not realize that I had his tiny feet resting on my lap. What startled me was what I felt next. I know it was not my imagination as I could feel a slight pressure from his legs as if he was ready to stand up! Seriously!!!

I told my wife about this feeling and we both said that one day, he would be a person driven to accomplish great things. He would become a leader among his peers and no obstacle would dare stand in his way.


Fast forward eighteen years later, this baby has now become a young man. He is less than three months away from finishing high school and his mind is already full of ideas for his future. He was never an unruly child and he always had determination for things that mattered to him. Without a doubt, those tiny legs in his first minutes of birth warned me that he would become a force in life someday. Perhaps someday is coming soon.

My feelings are bittersweet – how could this precious little one grow up so fast, lived through so much of life in the passing of his mother and stepmom, and is still determined to conquer the world with his passion for life?

I believe that these life events have shaped him into becoming the person he is today. My excitement cannot be contained as I look forward to watching how he will handle his life and the passion that defined him eighteen years ago.

Look out world – here he comes!





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