The Cross and The Bunny…

There have always been two different thoughts about Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the sacrificial lamb of God and (sigh), the Easter bunny with its colored plastic eggs filled with sweet treats.

On the one hand, it is a time of remembrance and thankfulness for the Son of God who bore the sins of man once and for all by dying on the cross. The glorious news was that He died on a Friday but He rose on Sunday! Not even death can destroy God’s plan of Salvation and the proof is plentiful including…

An Empty Tomb!

For Christians everywhere, Sunday is a day of great celebration as our sins have been washed away by Jesus’ sacrifice on the old rugged cross.

Yet on the other hand, even believers have to play along with the notion that Easter is about finding hidden colored plastic eggs filled with candies for children. Adults take the time to buy many bags of candy and plastic eggs, have egg-stuffing parties where a piece of candy is placed inside the egg and it is hidden in some grassy area for children to find. Lots of fun for the little ones while parents run around giving hints of where more of these eggs can be found.

But wait!

Did we not already have a day where children collect candy only less than six months ago? I think it was called Halloween!!!!

So what is the big deal? What is the parallelism here?

First of all, I am definitely NOT a preacher but I do hold onto certain truths. In particular, Christmas was the recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ into this world (no, it was not for St. Nick or Santa) and Easter is the other day of acknowledgment that Jesus died for our sins so that those who believe in him will be saved for eternity (too many verses to quote here).

Here is my attempt at a parallelism between the true meaning of Easter (Jesus’ death and resurrection) and the secular view of the bunny rabbit and colored eggs.

We are all like children looking for the sweetness in life. We are encouraged to look for the prize (eggs) which we believe to hold something that will bring us delight (sweetness of the candy). If we are lost or stray off the mark, someone wiser is there to help us find our way to point us to that egg.

In like manner, we are as children of this world. We seek for some prize in life that will bring us delight and hope. If we are lost, we find hope and shelter in our religious leaders or churches to point us towards the right way.

The BIG difference is that, unlike the sweetness found in these plastic eggs, Christians dwell in the sweetness of Salvation as our prize. Our hope is not wrapped up in something temporary like a bite of candy but rather, it is in the eternal satisfaction that we will dwell with God one day in Heaven and with those who have left before us.

This is my hope for eternity. Death is temporary and yes it does hurt when our loved ones are taken from us. However, as a believer in Jesus Christ, I find sweetness in the fact that one day, I will be reunited with my loved ones as I dwell in the house of the Lord forever! Additionally, I will be waiting for those loved ones I will have left behind, knowing that I will see them one day soon too.

That is what Easter is really all about! This is what we need to teach our children for we do not know the day when God will call us home.

“He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!”



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