The Ritz Carlton

Have you ever had the chance to stay at a Ritz Carlton Hotel in any location? If you ever want pampering, this is a great oasis to visit. A bit extravagant, their rooms are immaculate, spacious, and a beautiful view that creates a dilemma to spend your entire stay in your temporary home or use it merely as a restful haven.

In my book, Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer, I described a beautiful story about a couple that was struggling with a cancer battle. This was a love story about how the husband wanted to create that safe haven and oasis for his wife to enjoy while putting the cancer struggle on the shelf, even if it was only temporary. I will not spoil the story for you but would encourage you to read it from my book.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Recently, I was invited to submit a short story (1500 words max) and it was requested that I take this particular chapter in my book and condense it to a short story. The challenge was difficult as I had to decide what I could eliminate without losing the essence of the story. Finally, I managed to reduce the words to fit within the guidelines without giving away the entire plot.

Have you ever had this type of request in your life? Have you ever tried to re-tell a story that was near to your heart yet reducing it to a limitation of words in order to fit a guideline? I did not want to re-write the story so I had to determine which section of words would remain while others are tossed out. In the end, the essence of the story was preserved.

Want to know how this short story ended? It gave her joy even if it was only for that moment in time. To read the full story, please order your copy of the book and share it with others.

As for me, our Ritz Carlton experience will always be a treasured memory and no amount of words will be able to fully describe the love left behind.

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