Are We Ever Satisfied With Our Puzzle?

In my geographic area in Northern California,  the weather has been warming up recently. Depending upon the GPS coordinates, it has been in the mid-80’s to low-90’s with pollen floating everywhere. Spring is in full bloom here!!!

It was only a few months ago that people were complaining about the dreary weather and how they were looking forward to Springtime climate, new growth, and new beginnings.

My area can experience a spectrum of temperature within a matter of months, and if you live in San Francisco, in one day (here’s a fun progression of the Golden Gate Bridge in a span of 24 hours more or less)!

GG_Bridge_Early_Morning  GG_Bridge_Commute  GG_Bridge_DayTime

GG_Bridge_Fog  GG_Bridge_Evening

Then comes the famous trumpet sounds of…

the nose-blowing concert along with percussion sounds of sniffling and the lead lyrics of the song that has withstood the test of time – the “Ah-Choo” song! Yes, we all know that song and the funny thing is – no one ever taught us how to sing it!


There are people rushing around purchasing allergy medications and Benadryl (or similar) only to struggle to stay awake and be functional. I am sure this has caused many auto accidents as eyes are closed while singing the chorus of the “Ah-Choo” song at double-fortissimo power (for non-musicians, this means LOUD).

I can hear it now – I cannot WAIT until summer when I will not have to deal with all this sneezing and pollen!!!”  Each season will bring its own joys and flaws. In short, we are never satisfied no matter what the season is!!

On Sunday, our preacher dwelled on the word Abide (John 15). I will not recite his sermon but I liked the message to abide in God’s grace knowing that He has it all under control. This is a hard lesson to learn because our nature is to want to be in control as (chuckle) we think we can do better that the Lord Almighty who created us in the first place!

However, if we simply abide in Him, our circumstances and surroundings take on a different meaning and perspective. We can relax (harder than it sounds) and be comforted to know that His protection is always upon us. In other words, stop worrying!

I have as many worries as the next person so this sermon was a timely one for my life. When we do not abide in God, we tend to complain about…

many things!

Just like the silly, yet true, example I gave at the start of this post, we are never satisfied with the weather and the outcomes that naturally affect how we feel on a day by day basis. Like the “glass half-full, half-empty” concept, we simply need to abide in our daily circumstances knowing that something MUCH BIGGER (than us) is in TOTAL control and we are merely a piece of a much larger puzzle.


I hope that you will be able to simply abide in today’s adventures knowing that whatever happens to you is only a small piece of the puzzle. The good new is –


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