Another Writing Lesson Learned


That is a word I use in my daily business. However, it is something that applies no matter the circumstances. In my simple definition, it is the willingness to learn new things and the openness to embrace change regardless of comfort.

So what does this have to do with a recent writing lesson?


After publishing my book, I decided to join a local writers group. It is a bit intimidating as my words will be critiqued in a thrashing that will make me uncomfortable. It is my story but being coachable would mean that I must be willing to learn how to improve my craft so that my future books will be better written.

I must not forget, however, the mission of my writings. It is not for editors to alter my words or thoughts. Instead, they will help me share my message in a more clear and illustrative manner.

This type of writing is very different from writing technical manuals or business reports (of which I have experience in both areas). No, this is about connecting with the reader’s heart and hoping my words will illuminate their pathway to whatever destination they must travel toward.

I was given the privilege of submitting a short story for an upcoming book that will be composed of a collection of writings. I am not sure if my work will be published but I won’t know unless I try, right?

My story was an excerpt from my book but given the word count limitation, I had to reduce the story quite a bit (first lesson). I submitted it to the leader of our writers group who provided further edits and counsel (second lesson). After applying her edits (all great suggestions, by the way), we met in person so that we could review my update document where, as you may have guessed by now, MORE edits (third lesson). Throughout this entire process, I learned new skills and better ways of using words to convey the same message.

Now I must re-edit my story and provide a brief bio for submission to the editing team of this soon-to-be-published book. I was encouraged to submit another story which I believe I will attempt to do.

As with anything worth accomplishing in life, I do not believe that practice makes perfect.

No, I believe that practice makes for improved outcomes.


back to my rewrite!!

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