Sunday Drive In The Bay Area…

It was Mother’s Day and we were deciding what to do and where to go. Aside from the usual tourist locations in the Northern California Bay Area, we decided to simply drive along the coast line, twisting and turning, until we arrived at Half Moon Bay.

Sunday was a beautiful day and though clouds threatened to ruin our adventure, it was easily forgotten as we enjoyed the ocean views and forests that guided our path home. Traffic was interspersed with occasional merged lanes and early meals at packed restaurants.

Were we able to capture some pictures? Here are just a few…


Of course our excursion had to start with a ride over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. I tend to forget that this is one of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World.

P1030120We found a temporary parking spot to take this beautiful shot from the Lincoln Park Golf Course. It was very difficult to ignore this photographic opportunity.



We did not forget the Legion of Honor though it was filled with visitors from near and afar. We remained in the car and proceeded with our journey.


The drive along the Great Highway was spectacular as many enjoyed the Ocean Beach and unusually pleasant weather. What a tremendous skyline! I grew up near this beach and always remembered the foggy, cold weather as people would wear thick jackets just to enjoy this particular part of the coastline. Not today, however! It was an amazing site to see!

Eventually, we found the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway One) and enjoyed the many natural scenes along the way. We passed what we thought to be a large house on a rock. We don’t know what this odd structure was called but it was definitely a sight to see.

P1030138 (2)

Finally, we approached Half Moon Bay (there were other smaller towns along the way). The ocean view was amazing to behold and on such a beautiful day of mixed clouds and sun. We are truly blessed to live in this Northern California coastal area.

P1030139 (2)P1030141 (2)




It was a day of blessing as we honored my wife while appreciating the beauty God has provided us throughout this part of the great state of California. Hope your Mothers Day celebration was filled with love and joy.

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