This Year I Will…

I had an amazingly inspirational time at my company’s annual convention last weekend. The lessons learned, trainings taught, and encounters with like-minded individuals gave me plenty to think about.

For example, I have been through a lot of tragedies in life yet somehow, by the grace of God, I was able to rise above the ashes and thrive. Some have put their proverbial arms around me at the right moments in my life to walk with me through the valleys that would hold anyone down for good. I appreciated their love and concern because without them, I would not be where I am today.

Now it is my turn to give back…At this annual convention, the mantra was “This Year I Will…”

While I had my business goal set aside to complete that statement, I thought about what else I can do this year on a personal level.  It is not just a declaration – it is an action exclamation.

One thing that has been working for me is to recite aloud some statements that I want to have happen in my life on a daily basis. The power of positive thinking has been discussed many times throughout the years and much documentation can be found in a variety of resources.

To tell you the truth, I thought it was silly at first to recite my own words about my dreams and goals but the more I did it, my thinking has transformed me (slowly) into a new person for which my dreams will become reality.

It is an amazing experience and it applies to all aspects of our lives. If you fail  but remain persistent in the reciting of your dreams and goals on a daily basis, eventually you will see more success than before. The failures become just a temporary setback and fleeting nonetheless. Your mind is a powerful influence that will create the dreams you have been wanting.

In my case, I have a vision statement of what I want to achieve in life – it is segmented into three (3) major areas: purpose, priorities, and a description of my mental video (visualization). As one would accomplish a large task with one small step going forward such as climbing a tall mountain, my daily vision statement is one that I recite every morning which puts my thinking into the framework I want to be living in for that day.

Sure I have setbacks and initially, I must admit that it discouraged me. My mind began to think that this is not going to work! However, as in the John Maxwell book – “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn” – I have accepted that setbacks will always be in my life; however, the victories are what I am focused on! These setbacks are merely the bug splatter on a windshield that are temporary because I can wash them away and see my vision clearly once again (OK, a bit gross but you get the point).

Therefore, my personal This Year I Will statement is to finish writing my second book. It has been difficult given other priorities in my life but this second book is my “mountain to climb”. As I keep focused on the end goal, I know I will accomplish this monumental task.

What about you? What is your This Year I Will statement? Do you have the courage to pursue it no matter the cost? Is your dream worth the sacrifice or will it remain exactly that – a dream?

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