Praying For A Miracle!

What an emotional weekend!

On Friday, we received word that a young man (from a family at our church) ran into the back of a parked tractor-trailer off the freeway. His injuries were life threatening as it caused much injury including a massive brain trauma.

The local churches have been praying all weekend for a miracle to happen. There is strength in prayer and God is always in control even though we often times try to take responsibility on our own. The situation is dire and although you may not know this person, your prayers are much appreciated.

There are two schools of thought here and this was inspired by a recent post by someone on Facebook that shared their frustration that we should not say, “If it is God’s will“. I have a different opinion…

When we were praying for my wife to be healed of her terminal cancer over eight years ago, some called on God’s mighty hand to heal her miraculously. Others prayed that if it is God’s will…

How did I pray?

On the selfish side, I pleaded for God to heal her miraculously! On the spiritual side, I did pray that it would be God’s will that He heal her.

Why did I pray for God’s will rather than demanding He answer my selfish prayer? This is what I learned from that struggle.

We are in NO position to TELL God what we want to happen in our lives because, quite frankly, we are NOT that smart to see the bigger picture!!! Is that a cop-out excuse? To some, yes.

To me – no.

Who am I to tell God how to run my life? I am but a small (very small) instrument in His mighty plan for peace in this spiritual war. Here was what I truly believed during our struggle. I won’t give it all away as you can read it in my book, Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer. However, by yielding to God’s will (good or bad), a miracle did happen for us.

God answers our prayers and many times, it is NOT in the manner in which we expect or desire it to be. His ways are always higher than our ways so to believe that we know better than our Almighty Creator is simply arrogant.

Yes, we all want to live forever and we never want to lose loved ones. Loss is emotionally and physically draining and unless one has true faith in a higher existence, it is simply hopeless.

In our case, many prayed for “healing” and to “end her pain.” However, when God took my wife of 23 years home eight years ago, some were a bit displeased with God’s answer. So I tried to explain it this way (note: I am not a preacher or theologian).

I reminded them that she is in Heaven without sorrow or pain. Per our belief, she is no longer suffering or in other words, she is healed from her sickness. Then I asked my friends – Is this not what we have been praying for? Did we not pray that she would be miraculously healed with no more pain?

Then I reminded them of the miracle that took place (see the chapter on “Scheduled Surgery and Miracle”). There was the “miracle” we had prayed for over 25 years.

If we could have dictated to God “how” we wanted the outcome to be, we would not have that miracle today and my wife’s body would have had a higher chance of a recurrence of cancer due to her weakened state.

Yes, I would have selfishly lived with that but would I really give up on the miracle God performed in our lives? There is always a reason for every little thing that happens in our lives – we just have to be courageous enough to step aside and allow the One who made us do His work in us and through us.

As for this young man who sustained a massive brain injury this weekend, I am praying selfishly that he would be healed miraculously. However, I yield my prayer to a greater purpose that will be accomplished through this tragedy no matter the outcome. My prayer is that the family will be stronger through this situation, that miracles in their lives would happen because of this, and that this young man’s testimony will be inspiring for others in the future.

So how do you pray? Do you demand things from God or do you yield to His will?

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