Why Are We Rushing Again?

OK, I have to admit – I do not usually put up the Christmas decorations immediately after Thanksgiving. The turkey leftovers exist to remind us that Thanksgiving should be enjoyed more than just a few hours!

Black Friday on Thursday at 6pm (or earlier) – REALLY???

But then again, who am I to talk? Well, it happened on Friday afternoon….

The multitude of boxes (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit here) were pulled out of the storage area and placed in the garage for staging purposes. So many different types of ornaments, lights, and most important of all, memories!

After putting up the bare Christmas tree in the house, my main task is to put up the lights.

Testing all light sets, untangling each set (constantly), putting up lights on the tree, lights on the porch, hanging icicle lights, back patio lights, bannister lights, etc. Good thing I have a handy tool to help me with the bulb testing and replacementĀ task. Good thing these light sets are in a serial pattern – just have to be patient finding the bad bulb(s).

Then came Saturday morning. It was a dreary day and though it rained in the morning, nothing was going to stop me from putting up the outside lights. No, I am not one of those people who climb up to the second story roof and put up the lights partly because yours truly will have to be the one taking it down after Christmas!

At my age, it is not worth the risk!

After a few hours of testing, realigning, and more testing, the outside lights were done! The weather was cold and my once-hot cup of coffee fought the bitter temperature to no avail! I did not mind the lukewarm liquid as it traversed through my body. My focus was to complete the outside job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By nightfall, I was anxious to see the lights turn on automatically via the timer. Though I had tested it earlier, I wanted to see it against the evening backdrop.

Then it hit me!


Would my neighbors mind? Would they scoff at me for “rushing through Thanksgiving weekend”? Would they even care?

When I stepped outside to admire the small handiwork, I noticed another house at the end of the block with their colored lights shining in the night!

Whew! I was not the ONLY neighbor who started early! For a brief second, I felt a “kindred spirit” – just kidding!

Oh well, the lights are twinkling both inside and outside the house. The next step is to reclaim my garage and put the emptied boxes back to its temporary storage location for a few weeks.

In the meantime, it is so nice to see lights throughout the house as we prepare for the reason of this season – the birth of baby Jesus so many years ago!

Welcome Christmas season!!!

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