Little Mary (part 2)

You might be wondering why this is part-2 of my previous blog entitled “Little Mary”.

To fully understand the impact of the story written in part-1, you have to read the letter written in 2010 from this little girl (who was a three-year seasoned performer by now with Kidz Praise).

The letter was written as a class assignment and the comment at the bottom came from her teacher. The letter is written here in the original format (misspellings and all) …

There’s a lady at my church named Diana. I met her when I was in first grade because I did a thing called kidz praise. Kidz praise are different musical her husband puts on twice a year. She did the coreagraphy. She was the sweetest lady I’ve ever met. When I first came to the practice, I was really nervous because I didn’t know anyone except for Mara. She took me in and comforted me. I automatically adored, respected, and looked up to her. She was nice to everybody.

The fourth or fifth year they did it she was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone was sad for her. We thought she wouldn’t come to the practices, yet she still came and taught with a good attitude.

One Christmas the kidz praise group went to her house and sang Christmas carols to her. She was so happy she cryed. My spirits were automatically lifted. A few months later she died.

I came to her funeral along with the rest of the kidz praise. We sang her favorite song from the last Christmas musical. I’m sure she was smiling and singing along in Heaven.

After she passed away I could never do the musicals the same. I want to grow with God and be on fire for the Lord like she is. I don’t do the musicals anymore but Diana still inspires me to this day.

After reading this letter from a ten-year old, I am sure you can understand how important it was for me to see her on stage recently in a more grown-up capacity. My heart that night, as a I watched her perform on stage once again, was much more than just enjoying a children’s musical. It was all about seeing someone with the courage to live on with her life and using my late wife as an inspiration to live for Jesus.

The amazing thing is that we do not know how much impact we have on others until such time when we are gone. I am happy to have lived long enough to see my late wife’s legacy live on with this young lady who was our little “Mary”.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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