The Most Important Job I Will Ever Have!

This weekend, there was a somber memorial service for a fallen California Highway Patrol (“CHP”) officer, Lucas Chellew, who was only 31 years old at the time of his death last week. He had served eight years in the CHP and his sister, also a CHP officer, delivered a moving testimony of her older brother’s legacy and life.

While we honored Officer Chellew’s sacrifice to protect and serve the citizens of California, a higher loss was recognized. He was a proud father of his young children. It is very sad that they will no longer have their daddy to protect them.

This made me think of my own status as a father.

It does not matter how many college degrees I have earned in my lifetime or the different positions I have ascended to in my career. It does not matter how many miles I have traveled or the number of business trips I have participated in. It does not matter how many books I have written or the number of stages I have performed on.

All of those things do not matter as much as my role as a father to my children!

No matter how old they become, my role as their father will always be THE most important job of all!

Why do I say that?

First of all, my children are a part of me – forever! The decisions they will make in their lifetime will be their responsibilities to assume. If I did my job well during their early years, I would only hope that I have instilled the right principles for them to uphold as they continue to figure out their own lives.

Any man can provide financially for their family but it takes a father to provide real character in their children. That responsibility cannot be transferred to any other family member or institution. Only a father can, and should, provide the upbringing that children deserve.

Yet, above all else, I am a child of God and just like I must be present for my children no matter how old they are, I am blessed that my Heavenly Father is just a prayer away (the true wireless network at the most reasonable cost – FREE).

I constantly fail in my daily walk with God yet I find comfort that He has forgiven my sins and has already died on the cross for me. His sacrifice is the perfect example for how I must behave as a father to my children.

Will my children make mistakes? Of course they will!

Will my children be ashamed of their mistakes? I am always ashamed of my mistakes before God!

Will I sacrifice all that I have to embrace them with my love just as Jesus has done for me? You betcha!

I can remember the very first moment when I realized that I have upgraded my status from a husband to father. What a scary transition that was but it was overcome by my pride as a father! That feeling was later replaced when I heard, for the first time, the words – “dada.”

If you are a father, you know what I am talking about. If you are about to become a father, strap on because the ride will be a thrilling one that will have many ups and downs but the great news is that YOU will always be moving forward!!!

I pray that Officer Chellew’s children will have a new father figure in their lives one day but nothing will ever replace the original daddy.

To be a father or daddy is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. It is an honor that must be upheld with the greatest degree of integrity and endurance until the day we leave this earth!

So if you are a father, congratulations as you have the best job in the world!


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