Hidden Damage

The drive was uneventful as I returned home from a business seminar. The early afternoon welcomed me with cloudy skies and the occasional sunlight. My time schedule afforded me only an hour to get home, set up my laptop for my online webinar, and contact the potential customer with a link to my website.

Traffic was good as I cruised over the bridge and onto a major freeway. The digital clock on my car’s dashboard displayed a calming “1:15pm” – plenty of time!

A text message appeared on my phone – I know it is unwise to read my text while driving so I gave Siri a command to read me the message. It was from my potential client.

Postponed for now! Oh well, I can now go to my chiropractor given the cancelled appointment.

Love the flexibility of my work schedule. In fact, I decided to exit the freeway and use the backroads to relax and get in the mood for my appointment.

Uh oh!

The tire light appeared on the dashboard. Next to it was the dim diagram of “which tire” might be compromised. Perhaps it was only a low pressure warning as I heard a strange noise the other night.

Better pull over and do a visual check of this tire.

I parked in a safe place and got out to take a look. It doesn’t look flat. Perhaps I can have it checked after my chiropractor appointment.

As I began driving towards the doctor’s office, that warning light was bothering me.

This is a very reliable vehicle and when warning lights have turned on in the past, I never hesitated to resolve the issue at-hand. Why would this be any different?

Siri and I have been communicating well so far. Why not ask Siri to call the tire store a few miles away? The doctor’s office will remain opened until 6pm anyway.

After winning my argument with Siri, I was speaking with a service representative at the tire store. He advised that I bring in my car so they can, at a minimum, do a quick tire inspection. Fortunately, they were not very busy.

Great! It will be a fast check and then I can be on my way.

I pulled into a front parking slot as the service representative came out to meet me. I explained the warning light and gave him the car key. As we walked around to the back tire, I could see that it was becoming more deflated.

He reached to the inside surface of the tire and said triumphantly, “Oh yeah, I feel a screw on the inside wall of this tire.

When I told him how thankful I was that the tire did not blow apart during my freeway drive home, he agreed. God was certainly giving me a lot of grace today!

An hour later, the tire was replaced by a temporary one as my brand was not in-stock. He ordered the new tire and said they will call me in about five days to have the temporary tire replaced by my new one. The good news was that since it was under warranty, the new tire would not cost me a penny!

Thanking the service representative, I drove happily on my way to the chiropractor’s office. During that drive, I imagined what could have happened but was so grateful that it all ended well.

Life is strange! This incident reminded me of how we can go through life and believe that we are in full control of everything. When a crisis arises, some choose to ignore it until the situation becomes worse. Yet how many times do we encounter hidden dangers that forces us to change our plans?

This incident reminded me of how I need to continually pay attention to my own body as there may be hidden dangers that could attack me some day. All I can do is apply the best known solution at-hand in hopes of enhancing my chances of survival should bad things happen to me.

In the meantime, I am waiting for my new tire!

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