Beautiful Bride

The day was perfect in all ways!

Recently, the weather in our local region had been unpredictable. Temperatures into the high-90’s were sometimes replaced with blustery afternoons. Planning an outdoor wedding would stress any couple during this time of year.

It was my honor to witness a very special wedding this past weekend. Who says that a large wedding is reserved only for the younger people. Why not a loving couple who cultivated a long-standing friendship for twenty-plus years and surrounded by friends and family who have been a part of their lives and long-term relationship?

Well, that is exactly what happened this past Saturday afternoon.

My wife slipped into a beautiful dress that accentuated her new figure. She walked around so elegantly while I was nearby in my suit and sunglasses. I felt like Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard!  Why? There was a secondary professional photographer who seemed to have his camera pointed at my wife throughout the day in a conspicuous manner. I joked with her about this perceived stalker.

If you have ever seen The Bodyguard, you can understand my reference.

Anyway, we were invited to my sister-in-law’s wedding of the century!

She and her now-husband had been seeing each other for many years. Her nephew, my older son, was the Officiant for the day. This was an endearing moment for me as she had so much fun with him from the day he was born. She, along with her sister (his mother and my first wife), had such a special bond. As a toddler, he would always manipulate and she could not refuse his chubby cheeks.

Now, he had the privilege of blessing her marriage to Officer Don.

Nephew and Auntie

After several fun speeches, the bride was surprised by her Zumba team who wanted to perform a special routine for her. However, once she recognized the music to a high energy routine, she decided to get into the groove and promptly stated “I’m joining in.”

Zumba team and the bride!

The room cheered and all eyes were on the beautiful bride. She finished the entire routine even though, towards the end, she was beginning to get tired. After all, what bride would not be tired if they had to carry their dress for a Zumba routine under the lights and in a confined space?!

She was a good sport!

The party continued and the music was pumped up (turned up very loudly). People mingled, danced, and ate some more. The open Gelato stand was a hit for guests (and the new husband).

Soon enough, the crowd erupted once again as the bride came back into the room with her moves and the spectacular Chinese long red dress. She danced her way to the front and back onto the dance floor and yes, her man was very surprised!

This was her secret gift to him and we were sworn to secrecy for months (even though we never saw the dress until this day).

It was a fun afternoon as we witnessed a magnificent couple starting their new life together as husband and wife (finally). Who says marriage is reserved only for the young? They are young at-heart and mind.

As we were leaving, I had to take a picture of my wife and sister-in-law. Two beautiful ladies in elegant dresses for an auspicious occasion!


Congratulations to the newest bride and groom of the San Francisco Bay Area! We are so happy for you two.

Juanita and Don – Sept 30, 2017



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