Beauty and The Beast

I have been learning how to be a better husband and displacing my selfish needs in exchange for enhancing my wife’s life and well-being. Most men need to improve their thought process in their relationships with their wives, fiancé, or girlfriends (whichever situation you are at the present time).

So what am I doing to improve my marriage?

Dating my wife each week of course.

We spend our Wednesday afternoons enjoying each other’s company. Dates do not always have to cost money (great news guys)!

The other day, we decided to stay home and watch a movie on Netflix. We agreed to watch Beauty and The Beast as we had missed it at the theater. It was fun to see the human actors and actresses reenact the movie.

When the movie ended, something dawned on me.


In the movie, the prince lived a selfish life and when he showed no compassion to a wayward stranger who crashed his lavish party, a curse was cast upon him and his staff. He would live out his days as The Beast unless he found true love before the last rose petal fell from this magical flower. The castle turned cold and his staff was transformed into animated objects who would suffer the same fate unless their master found true love.

Of course, Belle arrived in search for her father who had stumbled upon this barren castle (when he and his faithful horse got lost in the forest). The Beast captured him and set him in a dungeon to live out the rest of his days all because the father picked a rose from a bush as he was leaving.

Belle, the most beautiful girl in the nearby village, traded her life to spare her father. The Beast agreed. As you know the story, she eventually befriends him (and the staff) and soon he set her free to go help her father who was in trouble once again (in the village). The Beast was in despair as he knew his time was running out and he had let go his last hope for the curse to be lifted. His feelings for Belle grew clumsily throughout the movie.

In the end, she returned to him but not before Gaston, the worldly macho man shot The Beast twice and mortally wounded him. Gaston pursued Belle for her hand in marriage but she (and her father) refused him several times. This jealousy drove Gaston to bitterness and incessant rage. He wanted something he could never have. Ironically, the bridge beneath him collapsed and he fell to his death.

As Belle cradled The Beast, tears of compassion fell from Belle’s face. She pleaded for his life and when she realized he was gone, she whispered “I love you” to him and kissed his furry lips.

At that precise moment, the wayward stranger had appeared (she was part of the village crowd which came to destroy The Beast but all were chased away by the staff). She lifted the curse and The Beast was magically transformed into the handsome prince. As you might have guessed – Belle and the prince fell in love and lived “happily ever after”.

I saw myself in The Beast as some would consider that I was “cursed” for having lost two wives in a three-year period. Not only did I lose my job shortly thereafter (among other things), it felt as if my life was in despair as well. No one really knew the depths of my losses though close friends came in and out of my life at different times to help me wherever they could.

Like Belle from a nearby village, the most beautiful woman traveled from Southern California to meet me. Though I never put her in a dungeon (thank goodness), our love for each other grew in spite of our circumstances. She saw past my despair just like Belle looked past The Beast’s outward appearance. She saw my heart and fell in love – with me!

I am blessed beyond measure and though we do not live in a castle, our house could be considered as such by others less fortunate. Every day I spend with Kathleen is a reminder of how God has lifted my despair and provided a woman who loves me and gives me the courage to live on.

Thank you God for such a wonderful gift in Kathleen!

Beauty and The Beast


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