Special Life Saving Award

Here is a feel-good story of how police officers sacrifice daily for the public whether they (the public) deserve it or not.

I was at a recent public safety award ceremony and was very honored to be in the presence of many who serve the general public – often a thankless job I might add. These men and women sacrifice themselves for the general community regardless of race, religion, or beliefs. Their sworn duty is to protect the citizens and uphold the law.

There needs to be more stories about these positive activities rather than dwelling on the negativity that the social media exploits but I will not go there in this post – this negativity does not deserve my attention.

So if you are of the mindset that absolutely NO peace officer is good, I pity your thinking. For the majority of us regular citizens however, this story is for you!

There were many deserving peace officers who were given a special night to be acknowledged of their daily sacrifices. It was the safest place to be on November 2nd as many agencies were represented including the FBI.

The Posting of Colors was a very moving ceremony while a FBI officer sang the National Anthem after the Pledge of Allegiance. What was very noticeable to me was that EVERYONE stood in respect for the flag and the sacrifices it represented to us all. The thunderous clapping from the audience was a very proud moment for all!

The ceremony proceeded with many awards handed out to highway patrol officers, local police officers, volunteers, and two In-Memory-Of certificates (one to a long-time volunteer and another to an officer who lost his battle to cancer and worked until the last possible moment).

Of course, we attended for one special award – the Life Saving Award given to our son, a local police officer who has done quite a bit in the community. Here was the write-up as it was read at the podium:

On March 14, 2017, Officers Kyle Hollis and Jonathan Gee responded to a residence because a male subject was inside threatening to shoot himself with a handgun. With the door slightly open, Officer Hollis pleaded for the man to put the gun down, but the man shot himself in the chest. The man fell to the floor and was heard gasping for air. The officers carefully looked through the open door and ensured the man was not still holding the gun.

Once they saw the gun was by his feet and not in his hands, they went inside and rendered medical aid. At one point, the male subject appeared to stop breathing so both officers administered CPR until medical personnel took over his treatment. For their actions, Officer Hollis and Officer Gee are recognized with the Lifesaving Award.

The courageous act of my son and another officer led to their selfless actions to save this man’s life even though he wanted to throw it away. This is not posted for anyone’s political views – this is a story to remind us all of the daily decisions these brave officers must face in the line of duty.

This is a story of two human beings rendering aid to another human being. It is about caring for each other with no political agenda.

It is about acknowledging life!



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