Holiday Colors

One of the beautiful indicators of change are the colors of leaves all around us. The vividness are a constant reminder that if there is anything consistent, it is change.

Why do we capture pictures of these changing hues year after year? After all, they will reappear this same time next year (assuming the trees survive the environmental changes). We have a fascination for these wonderful displays of coloration but I wonder if there is a deeper meaning that is aroused within us when we are reminded of the changing seasons?

The holiday season brings our own colors within our hearts and minds. What do I mean by this? Let me share my insights with you….

First of all, I do not profess to be a master of the color wheel or whatever they call it. I know basic colors and will not over-complicated this. So here it goes (in no particular order):

Black (Pain and darkness) – As each year passes, we all will suffer some type of loss or sadness. For some, the holidays are a reminder of those forever-lost conversations, hugs, laughter, and joy with those special people who have now left us behind. The festivities allow for a temporary escape from reality but when all is quiet, our tears will once again flow to ease our own pain and suffering.

White (New Beginnings) – Ah, the blank canvas of life.  A fresh start! Wipe the slate clean! Dare I say it – new resolutions? Some of us look forward to the end of the year as a way to be thankful for our adventures since January. Others are probably saying (or thinking) – “Thank goodness for a chance to move into a new year and a new beginning!” It does not matter which you choose – the inevitable will arrive without your control. The end of your year is coming and a chance to start all over.

Yellow (Reconnecting with Friends and Family) – This is especially true for families with loved ones who live far away and those with college students (or similar). The holiday is a heart-warming time to reconnect with your preferred relations (in most cases) and share many stories of life, adventure, and thoughts. We know this is temporary as many will return to their homes and dorms far away but for now, we look forward to spending time with those we love and miss.

Red  (Passion) – Then there are the lovebirds who have been planning for special occasions to deliver their promise to love, honor, and cherish their significant other. Promise rings, engagement or wedding rings, charms, bracelets, diamond earrings, etc. This is the time of year for many to profess their love and passion as a reminder that relationships matter more than earthly possessions.

Green (Vibrancy) – This color reminds us of being vibrant and having a zest for life. To me, this color represents growth and moving forward with life. In spite of winter storms, fallen leaves, and other factors that may bring down the mood, green is the color of vibrancy no matter the circumstances.

Blue (Relaxation) – When I think of blue, I envision looking up towards the open sky and dreaming of the future. Do you ever get lost just looking up at the blue expanse? It is easy for the human mind to have relaxing, wandering thoughts. Depending upon the moment at-hand, the blueness seems to wash away those troublesome thoughts for some, even if for a few minutes.

Pink (Appreciation) – The holidays can be a time of celebration and appreciation of events that have transpired in the past year. Each year holds the same number of days (except for leap year) and so much will happen – both good and bad. Though we hate the lousy moments, they pale in comparison to the positive outcomes that occurred. We tend to remember the final results and often times, forget about those little hills and valleys along the way.

So the next time you look at the changing colors of the leaves, reflect upon “why” this appeals to your senses. What are you grateful for? A thankful heart and mind is a healthy start to a new year. Hopefully, if you are in despair this holiday season, you can find others who have a different outlook and learn to lean on them for support.

As you pull out those boxes of decorations, set up the lights and scurry to the various stores to purchase the perfect gift, I hope you will not forget the colors of the holiday.  The different hues are beautiful depending upon your perspective of life.

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